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Volunteer at the HOG (Head of the Genesee), Oct 8/9 or 15

The following is from Rochester Community Rowing… please volunteer if you can. BRC receives $$ for your volunteering.  (and you all know we NEED $$ -smile).

You can volunteer for 4.5 hour blocks 7:30am – 12:00noon  or 12 – 4:30pm.  Our rowers will be rowing on Sunday, October 9.  Volunteers are needed October 8, 9 and 15.   Any questions? Please ask. Thanks Rhonda

Hello Head of Genesee Volunteers!

   Thank you for signing up to volunteer for the Head of the Genesee Regattas!  It is quickly approaching in one week.  Currently, we have 72 volunteers signed up for 132 time slots.  Last year, we had over 130 volunteers for 285 time slots.  Below is a breakdown by club and time blocks.  Encourage your team members and friends to volunteer to increase your club’s participation.  They can sign up at
We are hoping to post assignments on Monday.

For Saturday the 8th: there are needs for launch drivers, start timers, and finish line timers.
For Saturday the 15th: there are needs for start line positions and finish line positions.

Many thanks!

Club    Volunteer    Time Blocks
RciR    1    4
BRC    11    17
Cross Currents    5    9
FOSC    4    7
GRC    9    23
GWC    10    19
Fairport    2    2
McQuaid    2    2
Mercy    7    11
Naiades    14    29
Pittsford    1    2
RIT    1    1
U of Rochester    1    1
William Smith    4    5
TOTAL    72    132

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Practice Updates for September 29 and 30

Thursday is a regular practice day 3:45pm to 5:45pm (Varsity) 4:00pm -6:00pm (Novice and Modified)

Friday, Varsity Boys need to report to the boat house by 9am.

Varsity Girls and Novice (all) will have practice at regular time.

Land Parents for Thursday and Friday… 3:45 pm to 6pm ish.

  • Thursday, September 29: Michelle Brown (C) 490-1302
  • Friday, September 30: Peter Siegrist (C) 314-3539

Thank you in advance.  Rhonda

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Lift Bridge Article

The following has been submitted to the paper. Hopefully, we will see it in print later this week.


In the first regatta of the fall season, the Brighton Rowing Club (BRC) entered 6 boats in the Lift Bridge Regatta this past weekend on the Erie Canal in Fairport, New York – two of which placed 1st and 2nd.

In an exciting race the Varsity Boys 8 coxed by Emma Pollock with DJ Civiletti, John Roman, Nick Pegoli, Rigel Goheen, Mike Wojcik, Alex Ballatori, Chase Quatela and Alex Ascher passed three competitors’ boats as they raced for the finish.  They pulled an impressive second place win with a time of 19:05.

The Boys Novice 4, coxed by Alex Melnik with Kingsley Brown, Eli Lawrence, Cal Goheen and Pablo Stein took home a first place Medal with a fantastic time of 12:52. This impressive victory was the first regatta for three of the team members.   Melnik, who has been with the team for less than one month was ceremonially thrown into the canal by his teammates to honor his first victory as coxswain.

The remaining four Brighton boats took fourth and fifth place showings on this beautiful sun filled day.  Spectators could not ask for better weather as they watched their favorite rowers cross the finish line.

With 13 novice rowers and 9 modified (grades 7 and 8) members joining the BRC this season, Brighton is building a strong squad for future rowing seasons.

The Brighton Rowing Club, founded in 1998 is coached by Will Greene, a 27 year veteran of rowing, Chris Hamilton, a Brighton Alumni, now in his third season with BRC and newcomers Rhiannon Vaughn and Juliana Hopkins, currently members of the University of Rochester crew team.

For more information or to contact the Brighton Rowing Club, go to

Alex Melnik with Kingsley Brown, Eli Lawrence, Cal Goheen and Pablo Stein










Emma Pollock with DJ Civiletti, John Roman, Nick Pegoli, Rigel Goheen, Mike Wojcik, Alex Ballatori, Chase Quatela and Alex Ascher

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BRC News: Week of September 26

The LiftBridge Regatta was AMAZING and fun! I do hope that you had the opportunity to stop by and watch the races.  Everyone did an amazing job and our boys even walked away with metals!  Andrea Costanza will be writing up an article for the newspaper and I will share it with you as soon as I have it.  (so, if you did not get the opportunity to attend, we will keep you in suspense for one more day!)

Here is the scoop for the week ahead.

  1. Yes, we have practice everyday this week
  2. Land Parents (We have 8 OPENINGS in October!)
  3. Uniforms
  4. Head of the Genessee Regatta, October 9
  5. Rochester Community inclusive Rowing (RCiR) Volunteer Opportunities October 8,9 and 15
  6. Lift Bridge Regatta Pictures ONLINE

1) Yes, there is practice every day this week. Brighton does not have school on Thursday or Friday this week BUT we still have practice.  If you can’t make practice due to the Jewish Holiday, please let your coaches know ASAP, otherwise, they will be expecting you at practice.  (Same time, same place.)

2) Land Parents:

  • Monday, September 26: Andrea Costanza (C) 764-3850
  • Tuesday, September 27: Edie Lawrence (C) 329-6724
  • Wednesday, September 28: Rhonda Miga (C) 957-1212
  • Thursday, September 29: Michelle Brown (C) 490-1302
  • Friday, September 30: Peter Siegrist (C) 314-3539

We still have (8) openings for Land Parents in October.  Please CLICK HERE to sign up if you have not already.  We could really use your help.  The job is not hard. You are only “on deck” in case we have an emergency, so bring a book or your computer (Internet access is available) Dress for the weather and bring your cell phone.

3) Uniforms: We had some rowers who did not have uniforms today.  Please connect with Abby Pegoli,, (C) 415-3512 if you have ordered a uniform and have not received it. If you have not ordered a Uni (varsity) or Rowing T (novice), please do so immediately.  We do have a few uni’s and t’s that can be borrowed until yours comes in BUT we need to know you need it.

4) Our next regatta is the Head of the Genessee on October 9.  Please mark your calendars. Please watch for the Sign Up Genius to come out later this week with our personal volunteer needs (ie tent setup/breakdown, food items, etc.).  However, there are volunteer needs outside of our personal club needs.  Please read below for details:

5) Your Volunteering Rewards BRC at the Head of the Genessee Regatta:  Volunteer October 8, October 9 and/or October 15 and BRC receives $$ for your time.  In general, Rochester Community inclusive Rowing (RCiR) has around 200 volunteer opportunities spread over four hour blocks at each of its events. CLICK HERE to go to volunteer details.

Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing is an organization fueled by volunteers. Not only do your volunteer efforts ensure that there will continue to be race venues in the Rochester area, but your efforts can also reward your rowing club, to help fund club activities and equipment.  To request a position as a volunteer at the Head of the Genessee races, CLICK HERE. Make sure to fill in all pertinent information and note you are volunteering on Brighton Rowing Clubs behalf of to ensure we receive the money for your time. (Yes, varsity rowers can volunteer but only on October 8 or October 15…and they must be mature enough to follow through with their full time commitment.)

6) Regatta Pictures. Did you take pictures at the Fairport Lift Bridge Regatta? If so, forward them to Rhonda ( and she will get them up on the website. To view some we already have up CLICK HERE

We will be posting pictures for each regatta as we get them.  You can get to them by going to the BRC website and choose the calendar tab (CALENDAR>REGATTA by date>PICTURES). Please let me know if you have difficulty finding them.

We will also be adding pictures from past regattas (previous seasons). If you have pictures and can identify the season please email them to Rhonda.  If you can identify the rowers in the pictures, that would be great too.

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Details: Lift Bridge Regatta, Sunday, September 25

This info can also be viewed on our calendar update on the website:  CLICK HERE to go directly to website link.

Date: September 25, 2011

This is BRC’s first regatta of the season, and both novice and varsity rowers will be participating.  The race course starts near Rt. 490 and finishes at the lift bridge in the Village of Fairport.  Novices row a shortened course with the same finish line.

Participants: Novice and Varsity (Modified Rowers and their families are invited to join in the festivities dockside.)

Print the Race Line Up and bring it with you! (subject to change…click here to go directly to link at Regatta Central:

Location: Fairport Crew Boathouse, 1399 Fairport Rd. (Rt. 31F).  See “Driving Directions” below for a map of the area.

Time: Racing begins at 8:45 AM, with the last race scheduled for 2:20 PM.  Rowers: your coaches will tell you what time to be at the event to get your boats rigged and launched.  Plan to stay at the regatta throughout the day to help with equipment and cheer on your teammates.

The boat trailer will be loaded on Friday 9/23 at practice, and unloaded Monday at practice.

(Sponsors Website): Fairport Crew Club

  • Lift Bridge Details at Regatta Central, CLICK HERE
  • The Race Line Up CLICK HERE (coaches will let us know closer to the date who is in what boat, etc.) Event Time are subject to change. (print and bring a copy with you to the regatta. This will help you keep track of “when are they racing?”

Volunteer Needs: CLICK HERE to go to the Sign up Genius and find out our Volunteer needs for this regatta.

Driving Directions: The FCC boathouse is located at 1399 Fairport Rd. (31F) on the south side of Perinton Park. Visible from the bridge over the canal, it is a large beige building with two white garage doors that face Fairport Road. Parking is available in the office-complex parking lot next to the boathouse. Please avoid the bowling alley parking lot. CLICK HERE for map

Team Arrival Time: TBD (Coaches will let us know closer to the Regatta date.)

Accommodations: None.

Transportation: Parents are responsible for making transportation arrangments for this regatta.  The boats and hospitality tents will be set up near the Fairport Crew boathouse at 1399 Fairport Road.  Spectator parking is available in the adjacent office park – DO NOT park in the Fairview Lanes parking lot.

Registration Fees:  Fees for this regatta were included in the club fees at the beginning of the Fall season.

Waiver:  Fairport accepts the US Rowing annual waiver. You should have completed this 1)online at Regatta Central and 2) in paper format.

Packing list:  Water bottles, novice racing tees, unis and tech shirts.  The current weekend forecast calls for scattered showers and high temperatures in the mid-sixties, so please be prepared for both sun and rain, and make sure to bring sunscreen, raingear, jacket, and an extra change of dry clothing stored in a plastic bag.

Hospitality Tent:  The BRC hospitality tent will be set up near the Fairport boat house (look for the BRC banner) and will have a light breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages available throughout the day for rowers and their families.  Rowers and family members, please bring your water bottles!!!
Families, please see volunteer Sign Up Genius for what you can provide.

Additional Regatta Info: All athletes on participating teams are expected to be available for all regattas. Regatta non-availability must be negotiated with coaches a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the regatta, as it affects seat assignments for other rowers.  Note that athletes attending a local regatta need to be present for the entire regatta in order to assist with docking, rigging, loading, and to cheer for their team mates.  It is not acceptable to just show up for your own races or leave before ALL boats are trailered.  Please plan transportation accordingly.

Parents are encouraged to attend, cheer, and volunteer, and are welcome to eat at the BRC tent –  just ensure the athletes get to eat first. Please check the volunteer sign up links, there are many ways to help even if you cannot attend.

Questions? Laura Civiletti, (585) 314-2757

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Volunteer Opportunities for Brighton Rowing Club

Please check out the Sign Up Genius for any volunteer positions you can help with.

CLICK here to check out what is needed.  You can also access this roster when you click on the VOLUNTEERS tab and then choose “Sign Up Genius Volunteer Forms”

We have a general form for the season/year and then we will have specific forms for each Regatta/event when needed.

Please let us know if you have questions.

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Uniforms (Don’t have yours yet?)

Abby Pegoli will be delivering any uniforms (varsity uni’s and novice Ts) Thursday at the boathouse.

We have 6 novice who have not ordered T-shirts. If you order them now, they will not be in by the Lift Bridge Regatta. Therefore, please check with one of the Varsity Rowers to see if they have a T-shirt you can borrow for this race weekend.

Varsity Rowers – if you do not have a Uni, please contact Abby to see if we have one in our “loaners” you can borrow for this weekend.

Please send an email to and Abby will get back to you ASAP.  If you can contact her before Thursday, September 22… she can bring any loaners to the boathouse at practice.

Thank you in advance. Rhonda

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BRC News: Week of September 19

  1. Land Parents for this week
  2. Volunteers Needed Sunday, September 25 (Fairport Regatta)
  3. Fairport Lift Bridge Regatta (Details)
  4. Uniforms for Regatta
  5. Member Roster
  6. Outstanding Registrations
  7. Kick Off Party – A Success, Thank you.
  8. Board Meeting, Thursday, September 22

1. Land Parents for this week (Please have your cell phone with you. If the number below is incorrect, please let Rhonda know. Rhonda’s Cell is 957-1212.)

  • Monday, September 19: Deb Roman (C) 820-7059
  • Tuesday, September 20: Michelle Brown (C) 49-1302
  • Wednesday, September 21: Edie Lawrence (C) 329-6724
  • Thursday, September 22: Abby Pegoli (C) 415-3512
  • Friday, September 23: Stephanie Siegrist (C) 329-3308

Land Parents are for the safety of your rower while on the water.  Should there be an emergency, it is the Land Parent will be the first point of contact.  If you have an emergency at home, please call the land parent above. They will contact the coaches on the water.  If there is an emergency on the water, the coaches will contact the land parent. (Medical Authorizations you filled our are kept at the boathouse. These will only be used in an emergency to contact you and/or share information with medical personnel.)

If each rower’s family member signs up for 2 slots, we can fill all the practices. If you have not signed up to be a Land Parent yet, please CLICK HERE to do so.

2. Lift Bridge Regatta Volunteers Needed: Please plan to attend. But if you can’t, we still have some volunteer opportunities for you (providing food, etc.). CLICK HERE to find out our Volunteer Needs.

Parents are encouraged to attend, cheer, and volunteer, and are welcome to eat at the BRC tent –  just ensure the athletes get to eat first.

3. September 25, Life Bridge Regatta (Fairport).  This is our first regatta of the season. Both Novice and Varsity Rowers will row.

Coaches will let us know the line up for each boat closer to the race date.

4. Uniforms.  If you have not received (or ordered) your uniform, please contact Abby Pegoli

5. Member Roster.  Rhonda is in the process of completing this list and just got additional updates from our registrar. It is located in the MEMBER only area. If you need the password to this area, please CLICK HERE and send Rhonda a message. Please accept our apology in the delay in completing this roster.

6. Outstanding Registrations.  Some of you had difficulty completing the Online Registration at Regatta Central over the weekend. This glitch has now been corrected.  Carolyn Bower, Registrar, will be contacting those of you who may be missing something from registration.

NOTE: those who are missing information will receive an envelope at practice this week. We must have these forms back or your rower may not be able row at the Regatta this weekend.  So, please complete the forms and get them back to Carolyn Bower or Rhonda Miga.

7. Kick Off Party…A Success. We had a great turn out Friday evening. The food was amazing and the company was awesome.  We hope you had a good time and the opportunity to get to know each other better.  Thank you to everyone for making this event a success.

8. Board Meeting This Week.  Thursday, September 22 at 7:30 pm. (see the online calendar for additional details. – calendar)

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Organizing a Car Pool

Hello BRC,

Organizing a Car Pool takes time and coordination.  I would like to help you (and me) accomplish this goal.  I have most of the contact information for most of our members. I hope to have the remainder of the needed information after our parent meeting on Tuesday.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Varsity Rowers need to arrive to practice at 3:45.  Novice and Modified Rowers arrive by 4:00pm.
  • Varsity Rowers are finished around 5:45 pm. Novice and Modified Rowers finish up around 6:00pm.  More often then not it will be a few minutes later for the Novice and Modified rowers because they are still learning how to transfer the boats, etc. So, it often takes a little longer to get this down to a science
  • Modified Rowers practice on Tuesday and Thursday only. Varsity and Novice practice Monday through Friday.

Keeping in mind the slight time differences, it is often better to have Varsity ride with Varsity and Novice ride with Novice.  Going to practice is often not an issue if Novice don’t mind arriving early. Going home can often be more difficult because 15 minutes is not always “15 minutes.”

If you are interested in setting up a car pool or if you have room to take another person in your car, can you let me know?

The information I need is:

  • Varsity, Novice, or Modified
  • Can you drive TO or FROM practice (please keep in mind that we can find more people who can drive home then drive “to.” However, we still need to get the kids to practice. So, if you can commit to one or more days driving “to” practice, it would be great. (A bonus about driving TO…all kids can be picked up at the school to go “to” practice so it is less driving around and you can encourage your kids to stay after and get their homework done. – smile).
  • Your neighborhood. (Keeping kids who live within a couple miles of each other is always helpful for the ride home.)
  • Your contact information (cell phone and email).

I will then put you in contact with other like minded parents and, hopefully, we can save a little gas this season.

Have a great day and we will see you at the Parent Meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday, September 13 at 7:00pm at the Brighton High School.)



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BRC News: Week of September 12

Lots of Announcements this Week.  Please make sure to read all of your Weekly News. I promise “It’s Important!”

  1. Parent Meeting (Please make this mandatory for your Tuesday, September 13)
  2. Swim Test (Last scheduled swim test for the season, Tuesday, September 13)
  3. Practice – Land Parents and Modified Starts This Week
  4. Modified Rowers Start on Tuesday!
  5. The Team Roster (Where is it and how do I access it?)
  6. Registrations MISSING! in Action

1. Parent Meeting: Tuesday, September 13 at 7:00pm, Brighton High School Cafeteria.  At this meeting you will learn all about the Rowing Season.  We will answer any questions you have about practice, regattas, carpools, the kick off party for the season, volunteering opportunities, etc.  You don’t want to miss this meeting.  We will be covering some very important information.  See you there!

2. Swim Test, Tuesday, September 13 at 7:00pm, Brighton High School Pool.  This is scheduled at the same time as the parent meeting.  No extra trips to the High School. (yay!)  If you are new to Brighton Rowing Club… you must take a swim test. Please bring a sweatshirt. You will need to swim with the sweatshirt on.  Please contact Carol Graves to let her know you will be attending at this time. or call 957-8858. Thank you!

3. Land Parents for this Week:

  • Monday, September 12: Beth Laffey
  • Tuesday, September 13: Mimi Hwang (C) 615-0033
  • Wednesday, September 14: Carolyn Bower (C) 729-7037
  • Thursday, September 15: Matthew Goheen (C)703-0006
  • Friday, September 16: Laura Civiletti (C) 314-2757

(I like to include the cell phone number of our Land Parents here.  It is often the quickest way to reach your child if necessary during practice.  As you can see, I am still gathering contact info for our roster.)

If you have not signed up to be a land parent this season, we still have openings. If every parent will take 2 days, we can easily cover the season.  Click here to go directly to the calendar: (If you are on the website, just click Volunteers and you will see a link to the Sign Up Genius for all our volunteer opportunities. This is where you will find our Regatta Sign Up sheets as they become available.)

4. Modified Rowers start practice on Tuesday.  Please be to the boathouse at 4pm. Practice will run from 4pm to about 6pm each Tuesday and Thursday.  If you have questions are are unsure where to go, please contact Rhonda for directions (957-1212)

5. The Team Roster.  This will be located under the Members Only tab on the website.  BRC Members will be given a password to access the area.  You must contact Rhonda Miga ( or Carolyn Bower ( to get the password.  This password will change each rowing season (fall and spring).

Please check the roster for accuracy.  If there is information you would not like us to have on the roster, please contact Rhonda Miga to remove it.  Thank you for your support.

6. REGISTRATION INFO: MISSING IN ACTION! Several rowers are missing either 1) the paper registration sheets or 2) have not completed the electronic registration on Regatta Central.  Please check in with Carolyn Bower at the Parent Meeting to see if you are missing anything. We will have the following sheets available for your to sign at the Parent Meeting on Tuesday. However, if you KNOW you have not turned in these sheets yet, please print them and complete them before coming to the meeting.  (Your rower will need to sign some of these sheets too.)

What is most important from this stack THIS week, is the Medical Care Release and Emergency Contact form.  We keep this information at the boat house. We don’t want to be without this information should your rower require medical attention while at practice.  While we don’t expect anything to happen, we need to be prepared…just in case. If we do not have these forms on file, your rower may not be able to go out on the water at practice this week.


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