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BRC News: Week of October 31.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Please expect another email (or two) this week because I don’t have all the details I need to share with you at this moment. I will highlight on most things but will have to send the details later.

  1. Land Parent and Practice
  2. Pull the Plug Regatta
  3. End of Season Party
  4. Clean Out the Boathouse
  5. Thank you, Volunteers!

1. Land Parents for the week

  • Monday, October 31: Carrie Block (C) 233-­7387
  • Tuesday, November 1: Katie Willette (C) 750-­9400
  • Wednesday, November 2: Carolyn Bower (C) 729-­7037
  • Thursday, November 3: Bonny Claxton (C) 727-­2905
  • Friday, November 4: Carol McKenna (C) 727-­7235

2. Pull the Plug Regatta.  Click here for details.  Laura will also be sending more specific details about the day later this week.  We do have a Sign Up Genius for Volunteers on this day (both set up and food donations needed).

3. End of Year Party will be held at Ben Costanza’s house, 87 Whitestone Lane (14618). Sunday, November 13 at 2:00pm.  The main course will be Andrea’s famous lasagna.  We will be creating a Sign Up Genius later this week. Please watch for it.  The festivities will include paper plate awards, coaches gifts, a team cake and details about Spring Registration.

4. End of Season Clean Up. Brighton will be moving out of the boathouse at the end of this season.  Please make sure your rower takes home any belongings left in their cubby. We will be cleaning out cabinets, the shed and our general area of the boathouse.  Any items not claimed will be donated.

Monday, November 7, rowers will be cleaning boats and preparing them for winter storage.  This will be our last scheduled “practice.”  It is possible we will have another afternoon to get things in order for our move but I am waiting to hear more from Laura on that.

5. A special thank you to all the parents who helped at our out of town regatta this past weekend and a BIG thank you to everyone who provided food to feed the team. We had quite a bit left over so our need list is not as long for the Pull the Plug Regatta.  (my freezer is full!)

EXTRA: If someone could let me know the results of this weekend’s regatta, I would appreciate it.  We want to make it a habit of posting our results but we are not quite there yet.  I need someone to help gather/keep track of the results. If this is something that may interest you, please let me know.  I would love your help in the Spring.



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BRC News: Week of October 24

In this weeks news:

  1. October 29-30 Head of the Schuylkill
  2. Sign Up Genius – Head of the Schuylkill. How can you help?
  3. Practice Schedule / Land Parents
  4. End of Season Party
  5. Collecting for Coaches Gifts

1. Head of the Schuylkill. Novice and Varsity Rowers will be headed to the Head of the Schuylkil this weekend.  You should have received an email today with all the information regarding travel, fees and volunteer opportunities.  If not, you can click here and read all about it on the website.

Important Waiver Info: Note, this is “different” then the one you filled out at Regatta Central: Rowers participating in this regatta need to fill our the Ronin Racing waiver.  Those who competed at the Head of the Charles do not need to complete a new waiver.  The waiver is online at this website:

2. Volunteer Opportunities-Head of the Schuylkill: Even if you are not able to travel with the team to Philly, you can still help us out by providing needed foods to feed the troops.  We will be collecting foods at Thursday’s practice.  (if you can’t deliver foods during practice time for other arrangements or if you have questions, please contact Rhonda. 957-1212)

3. Practice Schedule / Land Parents for this week.

  • Monday, October 24: Mary Rinaldo  (C) 402-1745
  • Tuesday, October 25: Theresa George (C) 330-2010
  • Wednesday, October 26: Theresa George (C) 330-2010
  • Thursday, October 27: Marianne Rose (C) 314-0051
  • ??? Friday, October 28: Carrie Block (C) 233-7387

Boats need to be loaded on the U of R trailer on Thursday. Therefore, I am not sure we will have practice on Friday. Please check in with your rower for confirmation after Monday’s practice.

4. End of Season Party:  Weekend of November 19/20.  Modified, Novice and Varsity Rowers and their families are welcome.  Watch your email (and our website “news forum” for details.  We should have details by the end of this week.

5. Collection for Coaches Gifts:  This is 100% optional.  However, we would like to give our coaches a thank you gift at our season end party.  Rowers will be discussing gift ideas this week.  Suggested donation: $5 per rower.   (If rowers would like gift ideas, please contact Rhonda or visit BRC’s fangear page on the website.)

Hopefully, I have not forgotten anything.

Have a wonderful week and let us know if you have any questions

Rhonda and the BRC

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DETAILS: October 29-30 Head of the Schuylkill

Please click here to read the details regarding this regatta.  You should have also received this info via email.  Our goal is to make sure you have the info you need w/o having to search though your email.  So, please get to know our website and where information is stored so you can find what you need when you need it.

Questions or Suggestions… Contact Rhonda ( or cell (585) 957-1212

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BRC News: Week of October 17

Head of the Charles: It is a quiet week for most rowers because not everyone will be traveling to the Head of the Charles this upcoming weekend. Good luck to our Varsity Boys who are going to The Head of the Charles.  Laura Civiletti emailed the specifics for this regatta to those who are attending.  Click Here for more info or contact Laura directly with any questions you may have.

Varsity Boys Practice Friday??:  I am thinking, “YES.” Originally Varsity Boys were not going to have practice on Friday b/c they would be “traveling” to the regatta.  However, they don’t leave until Saturday. So, I am assuming you will have practice on Friday. If this changes, I will send you an email (and also update this paragraph on the website.)

Land Parents for this Week:

  • Monday, October 17: Andrea Costanza (C) 764-3850
  • Tuesday, October 18: Katie Willette (C) 750-9400
  • Wednesday, October 19: Jeriann McEvoy (C) 313-9759
  • Thursday, October 20: Karen Shannon (C) 507-7089
  • Friday, October 21: Deb Roman (C) 820-7059

Lost and Found: I still have a purple sweater and a brown sweater (ladies, size small) from the Fairport Regatta. Please contact me if one of these are yours.  Ladies shorts found at the Head of the Genesee and any misc. clothing found in the boat house has been washed and are on the table in the boathouse.  PLEASE check to see if any of these items are yours.

October 29-30 Head of the Schuylkill: Novice and Varsity Rowers. Click Here for Details.



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BRC News: Week of October 10

Thank you to everyone who helped make today a success at the Head of the Genesee.  What amazing weather we had.  Stay tuned for Andrea Costanza’s review of the BRCs races.  A special thank you to Jeanne DelSignore for taking time to take team pictures today at the races. I am looking forward to seeing both this week.

This Weeks News includes:

  1. Volunteer Opportunity, October 15
  2. No Practice on Monday, October 10
  3. Land Parents This Week
  4. Lost and Found
  5. Upcoming Regattas

1. Volunteer Opportunity, October 15: Just a reminder that if anyone is available to volunteer at the HOG Regatta (college day) on October 15, there are still openings.  Each BRC member that volunteers will earn $42 for BRC.  Click here to sign up: (Rachel and I will be volunteering in the afternoon. We have some other rowers and parents volunteering in the morning and/or afternoon.)

2. NO Practice on Monday.  Enjoy your day off and we will see everyone back at the boathouse on Tuesday, regular time.

3. Land Parents for this week:

  • Tuesday, October 11: Robert Stein
  • Wednesday, October 12: Carolyn Bower
  • Thursday, October 13: Maryanne Rose
  • Friday, October 14: Dick Garth

4. LOST AND FOUND:  If you left any of the items at the last two regattas, please call or text Rhonda (957-1212)

From the Fairport Regatta: A Brown Sweater and A Purple Sweater (both Size Small, Womens)

From the Head of the Genesee: A pair of Blue Shorts, a pair to Gray Shorts, a Uni in a draw string bag, a Tech Shirt, and a Novice T-shirt.  I also brought home the variety of clothing that was laying in the boat house.  I am unsure what all is there but will let you know after I wash it and feel comfortable putting my hands on it. (LOL).

5.Upcoming Regattas To read about any of our upcoming regattas, please check the CALENDAR>UPCOMING REGATTAS link on our website.

The Head of the Charles, October 21-23.  There is only one boat attending this regatta.  The Boys 8 Varsity. They were chosen via a lottery.  Those attending this regatta will be contacted by Laura Civiletti with travel details.



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Spectators Guide: Race Line Up and Oar Colors

Click here for Race Times and Oar Blade Identification. Print this and bring it with you to the Head of the Genesee. This will help you to identify the boats on the water.  Bow numbers will be available the day of the race.

Additional Spectator Information can be found on our website under “About Rowing > Rowing 101”

Boats launch about 45 minutes before their race time.

Questions?  Please ask.  It’s no fun being at the race and not knowing what is going on.


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Head of the Genesee: A message from Volunteer Coordinator

Dear Volunteers,

My name is Hilary Yip and I am the Head Volunteer Coordinator for the Head of the Genesee, working in tandem with Tim Giarrusso. This message is coming on behalf of Tim and I regarding your help for the Head of the Genesee. There are over 110 volunteers for 194 time slots from the rowing community in Rochester to support this regatta. That is awesome!

This email contains one PDF file of volunteers for specific duties sorted by regatta date. If you have difficulty opening either file, please call Tim or I to confirm your availability and assignment. In most cases, we tried to place you where you requested; however, we cannot have 10 people at the registration tent or t-shirts and have reassigned you. Please be flexible and check to see where you are placed for any of the three days. Whatever your task is, you will have a great time at the regatta!

Here is the current volunteer list and openings. HoG Volunteers 10.2011 copy

You notice the gray blocks on the sheet indicate a need for a volunteer. We are still looking for a handful of volunteers for the afternoon on the 8th and a few more for the 15th. If you would like to volunteer for an additional spot or know someone who is interested in volunteering, please let us know through email or

Dock marshal and launch driver: training on Thursday, October 6th at 6:45pm at Genesee Waterways Center. If you cannot make it, please let Tim know and he will make accommodations.

Start line timing or the finish line timing: training on Thursday, October 6th at 6:45pm at Genesee Waterways Center.

Envelop stuffing: Friday, October 7th at 4:30pm at Genesee Waterways Center.

On the day of the regatta(s), please head to the registration tent and check in so that your task is reconfirm or redirected if necessary. The tent will be located on the baseball diamond, by the right field light pole. Please park by the tennis courts that are to the left of the boat house. Another suggestion is to be dropped off and then picked up.

We recommend that you dress in layers to prepare for the weather and to anticipate rain. It is also recommended to bring water to stay hydrated and food to eat. There will be food vendors available for lunch.

Thank you greatly for volunteering your time to be part of the Head of the Geneseee that continues to steer a straight course of exciting races! Your time and work is greatly appreciated.

Hilary Yip
Head Volunteer Coordinator

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BRC News: Week of October 3

  1. Work the HOG! (Head of the Genesee) (Oct 8, 9 and/or Oct 15)
  2. HOG Regatta Information, Race Day, October 9
  3. BRC Volunteer Information (food/tent set up)
  4. Group Pictures at the HOG
  5. Practice / Land Parents for the Week of October 3
  6. Fan-Gear is available

1. Work the HOG! Weather is predicted as being beautiful race weekend.   Just as you saw all the volunteers at the LiftBridge regatta last weekend, the HOG is organized in the same way. However, when you volunteer to work THIS regatta, Brighton Rowing Club will receive $$ for your time. Rochester Community Rowing still has many openings for volunteer opportunities.  CLICK HERE for more details and to sign up today. 

2. Head of the Genesee Regatta Information.  Under “calendar” on our website,, you will see all the regattas listed for this season. Each regatta has its own information page.  Please click here for specifics of .  (Later this week, you will be receiving an email from Laura Civiletti with additional information and the coaches will give arrival times). So, please watch your email for this information or check the website throughout the week. As I have more info, I will add it to the HOG regatta information page.

Race Lineups are already up on Regatta Central. Click here for the CLUB page. Then click “BRC” for our race time. (remember, times are subject to change). Take note of the oar flag colors. Print this and bring it with you to help you identify boats as they pass.

3. Food Donations/Tent Set Up:  Please click here to go to the Sign Up Genius page to volunteer to help set up tent, break down tent, cook, or provide needed food items.

4. Group Pictures.  We are trying to organize times for Team and Individual pictures (in uniform) to be taken on Sunday, October 9 while at the regatta. Please watch for more details in an email later this week.  Modified, Novice and Varsity.

5. Land Parent Information for the Week of October 3

  • Monday, October 3: Karen Melnik (C) 233-7455
  • Tuesday, October 4: Bonny Claxton (C) 727-2905
  • Wednesday, October 5: Carolyn Bower (C) 729-7037
  • Thursday, October 6: Karen Shannon (C) 507-7089
  • Friday, October 7:  Karen Melnik (C) 233-7455

6. Brighton Rowing Club FanGear.  Make sure to check out the available merchandise on our FanGear page.  CLICK here to go to FanGear (note: most items take two weeks to come in…however, the rugby shirts take 4 weeks. They come from Canada. If shopping for a holiday gift, shop early.)

Have a great week… if you have any questions, please let us know. CLICK HERE


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