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BRC News: Week of March 18, 2012

  1. Friday. March 23. Novice and Varsity Rowers meet at Boathouse 3:45pm
  2. Directions to Genesee Rowing Club Boathouse
  3. Rowing Practice Details for the Season
  4. Team Roster (version 1) to help with Carpool connections (and coach contact info)
  5. Registration Reminder – All Registration Info Must Be In Before Monday, March 26.
  6. Land Parent Sign Up and Water Cooler Sign Up
  7. Reminder – Light the Boathouse Fund-raiser
  8. A Special Congrats to our Row Free winner – Eli Lawrence

1. IMPORTANT: Rowing Practice Details for THIS Week: Wednesday, March 21 is that last day for Erg Practice at Brookside. Regular practice times (3-4:30p or 4:30 -6p.)

On Friday, March 23, Varsity and Novice rowers are asked to meet at the boat house to rig boats and become familiar with the new location. Rowers will not be on the water Friday.

2. Directions to the Boathouse: Click here for: Directions to the New BoathousePlease arrive by 3:45pm.  You will be finished by 5:45pm.

3. On water practice officially starts for Modified/Varsity rowers on Monday, March 26.  Varsity Rowers 3:45pm to 5:45pm.  Novice Rowers 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Modified Rowers will start on the water April 16 on Monday and Wednesday’s.  Practice times: 4:00pm to 5:45pm.

4. Team Roster and Coaches Contact:  Attached is a draft of our team roster.  I apologize for the delay but we are still receiving registrations and confirmation of information.  We will call this Version 1.  It should be helpful in contacting other rowers if you prefer to carpool.  (Contact Rhonda for a copy of the Roster. It was sent to your email on March 18.)

Coach Contact: Attending practice is not optional. However, if you can’t make practice due to an emergency or illness, please contact your coach ASAP. Coach Will’s protocol is to let him know the day prior or more (not with a reason after they have already missed). Text or call. Contact Rhonda for phone numbers (

5. Registration Reminder. Rowers must have both electronic and paper registration forms in before Monday, March 26. Rowers will not be allowed on the water without completed registration. If you are unsure if your registration is complete, please contact Carolyn Bower.  Carolyn will also be contacting rowers this week if you are missing items. ( or call 473-0924)

6. Volunteer Sign up for Land Parents ( The Land Parent roll is described on the sign up link.

and Water Cooler Helpers (  The new boat house does not have running water. We have 3 water coolers we can keep filled.  Volunteers will need to take an empty cooler and return it the next day full.

7. Light the Boathouse Fund-raiser. Saturday, March 24, 2012, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM University of Rochester Yellow Jackets will perform! All proceeds go to lights for the new Genesee Rowing Club Boathouse. The Genesee Rowing Club (GRC) was founded in 2008 by a group of experienced masters rowers in Rochester, NY. In October 2011, the Genesee Rowing Club officially moved into a newly constructed 6000 square foot boathouse adjacent to the intersection of the Erie Canal and the Genesee River in Genesee Valley Park. Our Rowing Director, Will Greene, is also the Head Coach for the University of Rochester rowing teams. In addition to the GRC Masters programs, the boathouse will be home to the University of Rochester and the Brighton Rowing Club.

Blue Heron Hills Golf Club
6 PM – 10PM
Grazing Stations, Silent Auction
Wine & Beer Tastings – Cash Bar
$60, $100/pair, $35 student

For more info go to or call (585) 227-8243

8. And last but not least… CONGRATS to Eli Lawrence for winning our “Row Free” drawing.  Thank you to everyone who made a donation this season. We hope to continue this small fund-raiser for one lucky rower each season.

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BRC News: Mandatory Parent Meeting, March 7

Hello Brighton Rowing Club Families and Coaches,

It’s that time again… we are preparing to get on the water by the end of March and our first regatta is right around the corner.

Please join us for our mandatory Parents’ Meeting on March 7 at 7:00pm in the Brighton High School cafeteria.

At this meeting, we will cover everything that is happening this season, as well as, hold our drawing for a chance to ROW FREE with Brighton this season.

Even if you made a donation in 2011, you may want to make another donation for 2012.  A receipt will be provided for your taxes if you would like to claim the donation in 2012.


If you are new to Brighton Rowing Club, you will need to take a quick swim test.  We will be offering this test starting at 7pm at the Brighton High School pool.  So, parents can participate in the meeting and new rowers can take care of their test at the same time.  Please bring your swim suit and a sweatshirt you don’t mind getting wet.



You may have received an email from Rhonda or Carolyn this week to let you know your registration status.  If you are missing any of your registration items, please bring them with you to the meeting. Carolyn Bower will be available to help you complete the process.  NOTE:  Rowers will not be allowed on the water this year until ALL registration components are completed.  So, please check in with Carolyn to make sure you have what you need.  It would be very disappointing for your rower to show up to the boat house on the first day of practice and be told they can’t row.


Brighton Rowing Club is a volunteer organization.  Without our volunteers, we could not survive…so thank you for your support.

Stephanie Siegrist, our Volunteers’ Coordinator,  has created a volunteer database of our needs. Please take a moment to look it over and decide what gift you have that you can share with us this season.  Each family’s contribution to the Club’s work ensures our rowers have a great experience season after season.


Volunteer opportunities range from one time contributions to seasonal jobs.  We have something for everyone.  Please take a few minutes to find out more.

We need to train replacements for graduating experts:

  • Travel Agent– Make hotel/bus reservations for away regattas.  Determine travel budget.
  • Rowing Equipment Manager–Inventory, Storage, Maintenance of boats, riggings, launches/motors, ergometers, etc…
  • Treasurer–Handle BRC income/expenses; present financial reports to the Board; develop operating budget to meet BRC financial goals; plan major purchases
  • Incoming Directors-at-Large–3 to 5 people “in training”.  Learn the workings of the Brighton Rowing Club and our Board of Directors, prepare to step into a defined role:

Stephanie will be available for you to connect with at the Parents’ Meeting, Wednesday, March 7th, 7 PM, BHS Cafeteria.

PS:  Volunteers don’t have to be parents.  Rowers interested in leadership can serve their Club, too.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Any questions?  Contact Rhonda Miga at


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