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Brighton Girls Rock the Canal at Pull the Plug Regatta

Submitted to the Brighton Pittsford Post, November 15, 2012
Written by Timothy L. Lawrence, Sports Writer for Brighton Rowing Club

Brighton Girls Rock the Canal at Pull the Plug Regatta

The varsity girls of the Brighton Rowing Club took home silver medals in three events at the 16th annual Pull the Plug Regatta in Pittsford on Sunday, November 4, 2012. The event is a bittersweet celebration of the end of the racing season on the canal.  Sunday’s event was a chilly fiesta of head races under steel grey clouds and snow showers.

Head Coach Chris Hamilton was thrilled with the results, because they “truly reflect the hard work we’ve put in.” He was also pleased that novice and veteran rowers alike experienced “real rowing conditions.”

The varsity girls’ four nabbed second in their race among six teams. They were led by stroke Rachel Miga, a junior, followed by seniors Emma Garth, Bridget Holvey, and Zoe Bower, with junior Jenny Son as the coxswain.

The girls’ lightweight four also took second place of the five entries in a fast 19:09.39.  Junior Hannah Rabinowitz was the stroke followed by classmates Bridget Shannon and Claire Belanger and senior Anna Devitto with junior Laura Castelein as the coxswain.

The second girls’ four also grabbed second place hardware among six entries clocking 19:59.99. They were led by coxswain Laura Castelein and Rebecca Block as the stroke, while Claire Siegrist, Aleta Brown, and Emily George provided the rest of the muscle.

The varsity boys’ four also cranked over the 5 kilometer course in a scintillating race with a time of 17:19.54, earning a fourth place finish. Eli Lawrence was the stroke and was joined by Ben Costanza, Cal Goheen, and Chase Quatela with the hardworking Castelein as cox.

Three freshman novice rowers got their varsity baptism when they were called up to race with the big boys including sophomore Pablo Stein and the above four. They were Liam Williams, Jesse Barnes, and Eric Fraese, and junior Claire Siegrist, as coxswain, provided stern guidance from the stern.

Williams and Fraese were joined by two other novice boys, Jake Egamino and Ishir Seth, to take third place in the race for novice fours. Later, Barnes and Seth joined novices Ryan Moorthi, Quinn Coughlin, Cameron McKinzie, Robert Criddle, Simon Burrows, and Vishal Mande in the novice boys’ eight that smoked a 20:25.17.

The novice girls’ fours’ second boat won a gold medal in their race with a 21:58.89 time that would have earned them a 5th place of the 11 entries overall, just behind their counterparts in the first foursome at 21:22.11. The first four was led by stroke Aidan Antonienko, and Frannie Parker-Hale, Celia Garth, and Dana Kinel, while the second four was led by Evie Brooks as stroke, and Kerry Lubman, Clare Willette, and Hannah Perry. Caroline Dugan and Sabrina Smith were the coxswains, respectively.

Coach Hamilton raved about the progress the team had made over the season, and was excited about the future prospects for the club that had welcomed so many new rowers this fall.

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Brighton Rowers Make a Big Splash at the Schuylkill Regatta

Brighton Pittsford Post, November 1, 2012
Written by Timothy L. Lawrence, Sports Writer for Brighton Rowing Club

Brighton Rowers Make a Big Splash at the Schuylkill   Regatta

The Brighton Rowing Club joined in the festivities of the 41st annual Head of the Schuylkill Regatta in Philadelphia, PA on October 28, 2012. 37 Rowers from the Brighton Crew joined over 6500 other rowers from over 25 states and provinces and six countries in the city of Brotherly Love, only hours before the deluge of Hurricane Sandy.

Head Coach Chris Hamilton was pleased with the performances of his charges.  The Coach had split his top eight female rowers into two teams trying to make the two squads of equal ability in the race for U19 sweep fours with coxswain. The two foursomes proved their coach’s wisdom as their finish times were barely one second apart.

Emma Garth was the stroke for the first boat, which finished in 21st place, while Rebecca Block was the stroke for the second boat, which finished in 23rd place out of the 60 entries. Seniors Zoe Bower and Bridget Holvey, and junior Rachel Miga followed Garth’s lead and junior Jenny Son was the coxswain. Senior Anna Devitto and juniors Aleta Brown, Claire Siegrist and coxswain Laura Castelein joined Block.

That octet joined forces later in the day to sweep to a time of 15:47.28 and a 23rd place of the 60 entries.  Hannah Rabinowitz, a junior, stroked a second boat with Bridget Shannon, Michaela Cutt, Emily George, Erin Devens, Claire Belanger,  Nori Rinaldo, and Kerry Lubman.

The boys’ varsity quad smoked the winding Schuylkill course, but sustained penalties along with two other squads, such that they finished in 12th place. Their terrific raw time of 15:02.89 would have moved them into eighth place. Junior Eli Lawrence was stroke, with classmate Ben Costanza in the bow,   and sophomore Cal Goheen, and Allendale senior Chase Quatela. Sophomore Pablo Stein finished in 19th place for U17 boys.

The novice rowers faced stiff competition as teams were divided by age rather than experience. The girls’ eight acquitted themselves well as they finished in 21st place for U19 non-varsity eights. Aedin Antonienko was the stroke with Hannah Perry, Vidhya Jeyadev, Lara Johnson, Zoe Premyslovsky, Elena Bernstein, and Frannie Parker-Hale, and Caroline Dugan as cox.

The novice boys faced experienced and older squads and finished in 34th place. Jesse Barnes was the stroke and Jahfari Skyers as coxswain along with Eric Fraese, Quinn Coughlin, Cameron McKinzie, Robert Criddle, Josh Egamino, Vishal Mande, and Simon Burrows in the bow.

The novice girls four was led by Evie Brooks as stroke and Sabrina Smith as coxswain, behind Clare Willette, Celia Garth, and Kerry Lubman.


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