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Brighton Rowers Light Up the Schuylkill

Brighton Rowers Light Up the Schuylkill; written by Tim Lawrence

The younger rowers of the Brighton Rowing Club were especially excellent at the Thomas Eakins Head of the Schuylkill Regatta on Sunday October 27. BHS junior Pablo Stein finished seventh of 26 entries, while the boys varsity four for athletes (U- 17) finished ninth of 37 teams.

Philadelphia hosted the 43rd annual Head of the Schuylkill Regatta named in honor of Thomas Eakins, the American painter whose iconic portrayals of scullers on the Schuylkill from the 19th century have inspired generations of oarsmen and common folk alike. Eakins was an outstanding rower in his own right who plied the waters of the picturesque river with power and aplomb.

The younger varsity girls teamed up in two foursomes that shined in their race with the A team taking 19th of 43 crews, and the B team only 20 seconds behind in 22nd place. A squad from the Headington School in Oxford, England won gold to make their trip worthwhile.

The boys’ foursome was led by stroke Quinn Coughlin and coxswain Ishir Seth, both BHS sophomores, as they finished the 2.5-mile course on the serpentine Schuylkill in 16.27.1, only one minute behind the winners from Walter Johnson Crew Club in Bethesda, MD.  Classmates Robert Criddle, Jesse Barnes, and Ryan Moorthi supplied the rest of the horsepower for the fast four.

The girls’ varsity four A Crew, including stroke Aidan Antonienko, Hannah Tilson, Claire Willette and Kerry Lubman, was spurred on by the stern exhortations of coxswain Vidhya Jeyadev, as she guided the shell through arches and  under bridges. They finished in 18:35.8 and just 20 seconds ahead of their counterparts in the B boat. Helen Siegrist was the stroke and she was joined by Olivia Leclerc, Mikayla Henry, and Drew O’Neil. Jake Rosenbloom was the coxswain for the crew.

The BRC launched two eights of varsity girls that performed well in stiff competition. The B team led by BHS sophomore and stroke Celia Garth finished just 10 seconds, and eight places, ahead of their A team counterparts. Garth’s group pulled through in 16:41.5 for 42nd place of 61 entries, while the A team, led by stroke Rachel Miga, finished in 50th place in 16:51.6.

Garth was joined by Kennedy Abbott, Elena Bernstein, Bridget Shannon, Claire Belanger, Jewell Freeman, Nori Rinaldo, and Evie Brooks with Laura Castelein as the coxswain. Rachel Miga’s crew included Frannie Parker-Hale, Aidan Antonienko, Claire Siegrist, Fiona Brodie, Zoe Premyslovsky, Hannah Rabinowitz, and Kerry Lubman.

A third girls’ eight swept to a swift finish in their heat taking 35th of 48 crews in 18:51.4. Morgan McGuire as stroke and Max Clair as cox led the group which included  Cameron St. Clair, Erin Devens,  Katlyn Murphy, Julia Mieszczanska, Liana Meisenzahl, Zelia Sequeira, and Archana Sharma.

The boys’ varsity eight struggled in a tough field to finish in 16:41.5. Eli Lawrence was the stroke and Madeline Heilbronner the coxswain.  BHS senior and novice rower Breven Bell and junior Pablo Stein pulled hard along with sophs Jesse Barnes, Cameron McKinzie, Jake Egamino, Quinn Coughlin, and Robert Criddle.

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Brighton Women’s Crew Shines at the Head of the Charles Regatta

Brighton Women’s Crew Shines at the Head of the Charles Regatta

The varsity girls’ four stormed through a crowded field of the world-famous Head of the Charles Regatta on Sunday October 20 to finish 38th out of 85 teams.

Boston hosted over 9000 athletes from 36 states and 20 countries for the 49th Annual Head of the Charles Regatta, the world’s largest rowing regatta.  The rowers competed over a three-mile course winding under the bridges over the historic river beneath brilliant skies in front of crowds totaling over 300,000 for the two-day event.

Senior Hannah Rabinowitz, as the stroke, led classmates Rachel Miga and Claire Siegrist along with sophomore Frannie Parker-Hale performed remarkably well in their first outing as a foursome finishing in a scintillating time of 21:13, which was over 90 seconds faster than the best performance by a BRC foursome at the Head of the Genesee Regatta two weeks earlier.

Senior coxswain Jenny Son calmly steered the crew on the tortuous course in passing a throng of boats to finish in the top half of the field to qualify for an automatic berth in the field next year.

The girls rowed faster than all but one of the six crews from western New York and showed dramatic improvement with their best performance of the season.  A crew from the West Side Rowing Club in Buffalo had won this event at the Head of the Genesee Regatta two weeks earlier with a time over one minute faster than the second-place squad.

In Boston, the Brighton girls were only 10 seconds behind the West Side team and finished ahead of four crews, including Buffalo school teams from Nardin Academy, City Honors School, and the Buffalo Seminary, and a club team from the Syracuse Chargers, all of which had surpassed them by at least 50 seconds at the Genesee regatta two weeks prior.

The BRC boys’ varsity four rowed well in the brutally competitive field finishing 74th in a time of 19:44. BHS junior Madeline Heilbronner was the coxswain and seniors Eli Lawrence, in the stroke seat, and Ben Costanza led sophomores Ryan Moorthi and Quinn Coughlin through the awesome event.

Writer Tim Lawrence

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BRC News: Week of October 21, 2013

This week’s news is short and sweet …
Practice Schedule
Land Parent Sign Up – Land Parents needed
Sign Up Genius – Head of Schuylkill
Modified Demonstration Row (October 30)

Practice Schedule

Novice and Varsity – Monday through Friday 3:45pm to 5:45 pm (and they have been finishing closer to 6pm on most days). Plan to be a little late on Friday b/c kids will be de-rigging and loading boats for Head of Schuylkill (Philadelphia) regatta.
Modified 4 – 5:30 (but they have been finishing up closer to 5:45pm/6 pm)

Land Parents for the week –
Monday, October 21 Jill Boller
Tuesday, October 22 Tamara Abbott
Wednesday, October 23 LAND PARENT NEEDED
Thursday, October 24 Mary Rinaldo
Friday, October 25 LAND PARENT NEEDED (Boat Loading Day!)

Land Parent Sign Up Genius:
We are close to the season end but we have many land parent openings between now and November 1

I will be sending a separate email to novice/varsity regarding Philadelphia details on Monday. In the meantime, please feel free to visit the sign up genius and volunteer for a food item.  We also need someone to help Joi out on Friday to pack coolers for the trip.

Sign Up Genius for Head of Schuylkill (Philadelphia, PA):

NOTE: We will serve Chili and Grilled Cheese in Philadelphia.  So, those of you who made Chili for Head of the Genesee, please plan to bring it to Joi on Friday this week. The weather will be perfect for chili October 27!  ????

MODIFIED Demonstration Row… Scheduled for Wednesday, October 30.  We encourage our Modified Parents and Friends to join us for Cider and Cookies after practice on Wednesday, October 30.  More info to be mailed to Modified families later this week.  Questions? just ask.

Peace and Kindness,

Rhonda Miga

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News Article: BRC at the Head of the Genesee Regatta

The silver anniversary edition of the Head of the Genesee Regatta was celebrated on the weekend of October 5 and 6. Over 2000 rowers from seven states and Canada splashed over a 5-kilometer course on the mighty Genesee as part of the Rochester’s annual River Romance Festival.

The Brighton Rowing Club considers the event its home regatta and they did not disappoint their hometown fans. The Brighton girls and the novice rowers were especially impressive.

The girls’ novice foursome won gold medals as they smoked the Genny course and their field of eight boats.  Their winning time of 22:48 was over one minute faster than the second-place Pittsford crew.  BHS freshman Helen Siegrist led the four as the stroke, along with BHS sophomore Hannah Tilson, and Penfield High School sophomores, Morgan McGuire, and Katlyn Murphy. Max Clair was the coxswain.

The boys second varsity four crew nabbed bronze in their race and showed dramatic improvement from their first outing the week before. The group was led by stroke Jesse Barnes, a BHS sophomore, along with classmates Cameron McKinzie, Jake Egamino, and coxswain Isher Seth. BHS senior and novice rower Breven Bell provided the addition muscle in his second regatta.

BRC head coach Will Greene was impressed with the strength of the young foursomes, saying “those girls really got after it. They were so much stronger than any other novice four.”  He was equally effusive about the second boys’ four, noting that “their time was within 10 seconds of the first varsity four this week, but they had been a minute slower the week before.”

The girls’ varsity lightweight four just missed an appearance on the podium when they took fourth in a hyper-fast field. BHS senior Hannah Rabinowitz, and sophomores Frannie Parker-Hale and Evie Brooks, and Mercy junior Kennedy Abbott supplied the horsepower for that shell.

Likewise, the girls’ second varsity four just missed the hardware when they took fourth in their event. Sophomore Elena Bernstein led the group from her stern seat and senior Bridget Shannon, and juniors Erin Devens and Jewell Freeman followed the exhortations of soph Vidhya Jeyadev. Bernstein and Jeyadev led the second girls’ varsity eight, as well, to a sixth place finish. BHS senior and novice Fiona Brodie, junior Nori Rinaldo and sophs Evie Brooks, Aidan Antonienko, Hannah Tilson, and Zoe Premyslovsky Haigh were joined by Penfield HS soph Claire Willette in the shell that rocked.

The girls’ varsity four took eighth in their race with senior stroke Rachel Miga, and senior cox Jenny Son supported by classmates Claire Siegrist and Claire Belanger and soph Kerry Lubman. Those five were joined by Hannah Rabinowitz at stroke, Frannie Parker-Hale, Celia Garth, and Kennedy Abbott in the varsity eight that took seventh.

The first boys’ four had finished ninth in their field after a third place the week earlier in Fairport. BHS junior Madeline Heilbronner was coxswain for that crew of seniors Eli Lawrence and Ben Costanza, junior Pablo Stein, and soph Ryan Moorthi.

Those five were joined by sophs Robert Criddle, Quinn Coughlin, Cameron McKinzie, and Jesse Barnes for the varsity eight which finished a disappointed ninth place.

The girls’ novice eight got seventh place with Julia Mieszczanska as stroke and Jake Rosenbloom as cox. They were pushed by Olivia Leclerc, Mikayla Henry, Cameron St. Clair, Archana Sharma, Emma Keefer, Zelia Sequeira, and Drew O’Neil.

Coach Greene was sanguine about the results seeing them as crucial steps in the development of the whole team for the spring season.” The medals are terrific, but we are looking ahead to the spring when there are championships to be won.”

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BRC News: Week of October 7, 2013

A special thank you to everyone who volunteered this past weekend – directly with the HOG or BRC.  Things would not have gone as smooth without you…and the downpour of rain was a bonus gift from us to you! (smile – it would not be a regatta without rain, is what is often said.)

  • Practice This Week – Land Parents
  • Remaining Regattas for the Season

Modified Rowers – Monday and Wednesday 4pm to 5:30pm
Novice and Varsity – Monday through Friday 3:45 pm to 5:45 pm

Land Parents for this week:
Monday, October 7 Ellie Rosenbloom
Tuesday, October 8 Tamara Abbott
Wednesday, October 9 Andrea Costanza
Thursday, October 10 Cheryl Coughlin
Friday, October 11 Tracy Schleyer

(Next Week – We need a volunteer for, Wednesday October 16 and Friday, October 18. Please check out our schedule if you can volunteer on either of those days.

If you can’t make practice, contact your coach.  Coach Contacts-

Will Greene
Head and Varsity Coach
(215) 300-1472

Serra Sevenler,
Asst. Varsity Coach
(585) 298-3334

Lisa Saladino,
Novice Coach
(616) 834-6756

Liza Savage-Katz
Modified Coach
(310) 773-6387

October 18-20, Head of the Charles.  I do not know who is going to this regatta yet.  Coach Will has said he will know by Wednesday this week.  There will be 4 Varsity Boys, 4 Varsity Girls and 2 cox.  With that said, I am expecting the cost to be about $275 per rower.  With less rowers attending, 2 nights of hotel, increase in gas, etc. the cost is higher this year.  Transportation Options: 1) 2 parents with mini-vans will drive or 2) we will rent a 12 passenger mini van.  Depending on which option we will use, will impact the final cost of this trip.

We will be staying at the Hampton Inn in Natick, MA**. (319 Speen Street, Natick, Massachusetts, 01760, USA TEL: 1-508-653-5000) I was able to get an amazing price through HotWire.  Breakfast is included with our rooms.  Lunch and Dinner will be purchased on this trip.  We will take protein/carb snacks and brown bag lunches on Friday. We will only have one or two chaperones on this trip.

** Looking at the hotel today, it does not appear there are extra rooms available at this hotel.  Parents who choose to go to Boston will need to call the hotel directly.  It looks as if the cost of the rooms is now double what I paid a couple of weeks ago.

This is all the information I have at this time.

October 26-27, Head of Schuylkill (Philadelphia, PA).  All Novice and Varsity will be traveling to Philadelphia.  We will leave Saturday morning, race on Sunday and arrive back on Sunday evening.  Please let us know if you can NOT attend this regatta.  Currently, I am calculating the cost of this regatta with the anticipation of 35 Varsity and 14 Novice (49 rowers).  We will be traveling in a 56 passenger bus. We will be taking 4 chaperones and will not have extra space for parents to ride the bus.

Parents who wish to drive on their own to this regatta may take advantage of our group hotel rate.  We will be staying at the Best Western in Ft. Washington, PA.  I am still finalizing these plans.  The room rate will be $72 per night (plus 8% taxes).

We do have our Sign Up Genius ready for families to sign up to donate a food item.  If you are interested chaperoning, please contact me personally.

As soon as I have all my numbers together and the hotel confirmed for this regatta, I will send out another email.

Our last regatta of the season will be local.  Pull the Plug in Pittsford, NY.   Sunday, November 3.  Details to come.

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News: Brighton Rowing Club Soars Into Its Sixteenth Year at the Lift Bridge Regatta

Brighton Rowing Club Soars into its sixteenth Year

The Brighton Rowing Club opened its sixteenth year at the Lift Bridge Regatta in Fairport on Saturday, September 28, 2013.  Brighton crews brought home medals in four events of the eight events they entered. More importantly, the club has mushroomed in size with almost 60 novice and varsity rowers. The club has also welcomed 16 new rowers for the modified program for middle school students.

The Fairport Crew Club hosted its ninth annual regatta on the Erie Canal with over 100 boats representing sixteen clubs, racing over a 5400-meter course and finishing in the village of Fairport.

The girls’ lightweight four crew took silver medals in their race finishing in 23: 47.6 just behind a Pittsford squad. BHS senior Hannah Rabinowitz led from her stern seat the foursome, which included Frances Parker-Hale, Celia Garth, and Kennedy Abbott, and Max Clair, a novice, as the coxswain.

The girls’ team looks especially strong in that they launched three shells in the two head races for girls’ varsity eights and nabbed bronze medals in both races. Moreover, another boat of eight girls took a fourth place in their race of novice eights.

The boys’ varsity four took a bronze medal among five crews finishing in 21:27.4, less than 19 seconds behind the second-place Fairport crew. BHS senior Eli Lawrence set the rhythm from the bow with classmate Ben Costanza, junior Pablo Stein, and sophomore Ryan Moorthi, and Madeline Heilbronner was the coxswain.

A second boys’ foursome won their race sliding through in 22:52.4 as the only Men’s Junior four. BHS sophomore Jesse Barnes was their stroke leading BHS senior and novice rower, Breven Bell, and sophomores Cameron McKinzie, Jake Egamino, and Ishir Seth as the coxswain.

The first girls’ varsity eight, garnering bronze medals,  was stroked by BHS senior Rachel Miga along with classmates Claire Siegrist, Claire Belanger, Hannah Rabinowitz and coxswain Jenny Son, and BHS sophomores Aidan Antonienko, Frances Parker-Hale, and Kerry Lubman. Kennedy Abbott, a junior at Mercy High School, rowed in the third seat.

The girls’ second Varsity eight boat also scored bronze among six crews finishing in 22:20.5. BHS soph Elena Bernstein stroked, junior Laura Castelein was the cox, and seniors Bridget Shannon and Fiona Brodie, with junior Nori Rinaldo, and sophs Hannah Tilson, Celia Garth, Zoe Premyslovsky, and Evie Brooks provided the rest of the muscle.

The girls’ third varsity eight took fifth with BHS frosh Helen Siegrist as stroke and soph Vidhya Jeyadev at coxswain.  BHS juniors Erin Devens and Jewell Freeman provided more firepower along with Penfield High School sophomores Clare Willette, Katlyn Murphy and Morgan McGuire.  Novices Julie Mieszczanska, and Mikayla Henry joined the varsity girls in the big boat.

The boys’ varsity eight took fourth in a fast time of 19:23.1. Upperclassmen Lawrence, Stein, and Costanza were joined by sophs, Robert Criddle and Quinn Coughlin, Barnes, McKinzie, and Moorthi.

The girls’ novice octet finished fourth over the shorter 2700-meter course in 13:41.9, just seconds behind the bronze-medal boat from Pittsford. Olivia LeClerc was the stroke for the rookies and Jake Rosenbloom was the coxswain, while Julie Mieszczanska, Cameron St. Clair, Zelia Sequeira, Archana Sharma, Mikayla Henry, and Drew O’Neil supplied more horsepower.

Brighton Rowing Club (BRC) was founded in 1998 and fields rowing teams of student-athletes of  Brighton High School and the Twelve Corners  Middle  School as well as students from other high schools that do not have associated rowing teams. The BRC is a not-for-profit organization and is not supported by school funding, but rather by membership fees and private donations.

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