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2014 Winter Conditioning Program – Frequently Asked Question

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2014 Winter Conditioning Program – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Winter Conditioning?  Build stamina, strength, and intensity of focus, in a way that the kids find engaging and motivating. This is primarily to enhance our athletes’ ongoing development but also, with only seven weeks of on-water time before NY State Championships, having kids in good shape allows valuable on-water practice time to be used more effectively.
Why a different location and program this year?  For many years, our winter program focused on erging.  Although erging, done with dedication and intensity, certainly builds strength and stamina, most kids dislike erging and don’t apply themselves well enough to reap the full benefits.   Last year’s move to the JCC was an attempt to broaden the focus beyond erging, but was only partially successful.  The large facility and diverse offerings of JCC, which we expected to be a plus, actually made it difficult to ensure that kids were working hard outside of the coach-supervised erg sessions – some kids took good advantage of JCC’s offerings, but others simply hung around socializing.  The program Coach Will has designed with ROC Boxing for 2014 is the next step in our evolution.  It offers workouts that target our athletes’ physiological development needs, plus more structure.  We believe that the gritty atmosphere, fresh approach, and working out side by side with coaches will be energizing and motivating for all our kids – those who need a bit of a push, and those who are already driven to excel.
Is there transportation available?   Every weekday there is a convenient RTS bus between Brighton and ROC Boxing, both to and from practice.  See details below.   To research RTS service from/to other locations, go to google maps, Get Directions, and click the bus icon at top left. Be sure to put in day/time of desired travel, or it will only search for buses at whatever time you happen to do the query.  The address of ROC Boxing is 524 Atlantic Ave, Rochester
Are the kids actually going to be boxing?  There may be boxing moves incorporated in the class, but kids will not go in the ring or get hit.  Most of the workout is kettle bells and targeted exercises.
How did we select ROC Boxing?  GRC (the adult club at our boathouse) works out here and BRC Head Coach Will has been impressed with how it has helped their rowing.  There are other student groups that attend this gym for specific programs, including Eastman School of Music, Mercy, and McQuaid.
How do the tank days fit in?   In addition to 3x per week workouts at ROC Boxing on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, BRC has booked the Pittsford Indoor Rowing tanks for 2 Sunday sessions, Feb 2, and March 2.  These help current rowers work on technique, and let kids who are interested in joining BRC get a taste of rowing before on-water starts.
What is the fee?  Most of the cost is included in Spring dues.  There is an additional $60 per participant that we need in order to cover our costs. This is the same as the JCC fee was last year.
What if I have a conflict with some of the scheduled days?  Talk to your coach.  They will assign you homework to ensure you remain in shape and don’t fall behind.  There is no discount for missing days.
What if I am in another winter sport, play, etc and can’t join winter conditioning until partway through?  Talk to your coach. There is no discount for a  late start.
Will I be penalized, if I can’t do Winter Conditioning at all?  If you explain the reason to your coach then they’ll know you aren’t just slacking off and won’t penalize you.  Of course, unless you work out on your own, you will find yourself behind your peers in terms of fitness when on-water starts.
I’m a BRC member not rowing Spring, can I still do Winter Conditioning?  We welcome that. Your cost is $100. This option is only open to kids who have a relationship with BRC; it is not for the general public.
I’m new to BRC, can I start with Winter Conditioning?  Absolutely!  It’s a great way to meet the coaches and kids, and ensure you are fit when on-water starts.
Does Winter Conditioning entitle me to work out on my own at ROC Boxing?  We are able to use the facilities, but they can’t handle groups of BRC kids while they have another large class going on.  Talk to Will Greene regarding dates/times that would be ok, or if you are interested in some of the otehr programming offered at ROC.

Weekday bus between Brighton and ROC Boxing

  • To ROC Boxing from Brighton High School – Bus route 19 (comes from UofR along Elmwood, then goes up Winton and along Humboldt)
  • Be at the RTS bus stop by school (stop # 4149, on Winton between Elmwood & Monroe) before 2:55pm.
  • Take Bus 19 (make sure it is the correct bus #), scheduled to be at this stop  at 2:55pm.  It will travel up Winton and along Humboldt
  • Get off the bus on Humboldt at Culver
  • It is a short 4 minute walk to ROC Boxing at 524 Atlantic Ave (walk Right on Culver and Left on Atlantic).

We will start the formal class part of practice at 3:15 on weekdays so kids have time to take the bus. Class will still end at 5.
Back to Brighton after practice –

  • Bus route 18 (travels back along Humboldt, down Winton to 12 Corners, then continues on Elmwood to UofR)
  • 4 minute walk from ROC Boxing back to Humboldt & Culver (RTS stop # 781, on opposite side of street to the stop where you got off the bus coming to practice)
  • Take Bus 18 (make sure it is the correct bus #), scheduled to be at this stop  at 5:17pm.  The bus will travel along Humboldt and down Winton to 12 Corners, then along Elmwood to UofR
  • Bus is scheduled to reach 12 Corners at 5:33pm. but you can get off at a different Winton or Elmwood stop if that is convenient

Fares – The bus takes $1 exact change/bill each way, or you can buy bus passes online  We recommend the Bus for a Buck 10-pak or the $12 stored value pass.

Realtime bus tracking – For realtime info on when the next bus will be at a specific stop,  TEXT the stop ID number to 585-351-2878.  Within seconds, you’ll receive a text back with the next three bus arrival times at that stop.  Also, if a child is nervous about getting off at the correct stop and has a smart phone, they can use google navigation (hit the bus icon not the car icon) to visually see where they are on the bus route and when to get off.

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