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Coach Update: Indoor Tank Session (Sunday) and ROC Boxing – clarification of practice times


We are two weeks into the winter conditioning, and the coaches wanted to update you on developments.

First a clarification on the timing of the ROC programming.  We have 75 minutes of stretching plus intense class instruction built into each session; although we try and get them going by 3 (or 2 on Saturday); in reality we get them going closer to 3:15 (or 2:15 Saturday) to allow for muscles to be warmed-up via exercise before commencing our stretching routine.  This means we finish up promptly at 4:30 – (3:30 on Saturday).  We have a 15 minute window between 4:30 and 4:45 for pickup of your athletes.  If this presents a problem on any given day, please let me know you are running late.  My cell is 215.300.1472.  I (or another coach) will remain on site until the last kid is picked up.  Your students will not be turned out into the cold, but there are classes that follow us, and the intimate size of the gym means there is not unlimited waiting areas for our 30+ athletes to congregate when the 5 p.m. classes are getting ready to begin.  It is not a big deal if a few kids are a little delayed, we just want to be respectful of the later class time.

Secondly, attendance at Roc Boxing has been unprecedented – a great job done by the parents, and the student athletes have enthusiastically embraced the venue.  During all of last winter’s indoor training, we averaged between 20-22 students each practice, with a peak attendance on the final day with 28 students.  In contrast, over our first 6 sessions at Roc Boxing, we have AVERAGED 29 rowers each class!  And they are working hard.  Great job thus far, parents and athletes.  We know we are extending the need for transportation, so it is great to see the athletes extending themselves during practice.

Third, we look forward to seeing the team at our Indoor tank session Sunday 2-3:30.  Great warmup for the Superbowl!  All participants are encouraged to bring a friend to check things out!  Location as per prior emails is the Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center off Clover Street.

Feel free to contact me with specific questions.

Will Greene
Head Coach

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RTS public transportation issue and Winter Roster Info

This communication has been sent to the email addresses on file at Regatta Central. If you know someone who has a different address that needs to receive this email, please feel free to forward it.  I will also be posting this information onto our website. Rosters will not be publicly posted online.  If you are reading this on our website, you may contact me privately to receive a roster via email.

Dear Families,

It seems the use of public transportation did not go as smoothly as we had hoped today.  The bus driver stopped and had coffee enroute and then did not stop at the bus stop where our rowers needed to get off and were let off further away from ROC Boxing. It saddens me that this happened and I wanted to touch base with everyone, in hopes that, we can resolve any transportation issues rowers may have.

If you were not aware, Brighton Rowing Club is a club sport and not a school district sport. Brighton Central School District does not provide transportation for rowers because we are not a “school” sport.  Similar to other club sports, participants are responsible for their own transportation.

However, BRC Board members are parents, too, and understand how difficult transportation can be.  Therefore, Irene Allen, one of our board members, researched transportation options for our rowers – from private taxi service to public transportation.   As a result, we provided information for using the RTS public bus syestem as an option for transportation.  Unfortunately, we do not have control over what happens enroute.  However, I do believe that we need to report any discrepancies with the route as compared to what is published on their website.

If your child was one of the participants who rode the bus today, I think it is a good idea to call and report what happened so that the supervisors of RTS are aware and will be able to correct the issue.

RTS has a contact form you can fill out online ( or you can email or call. Email-; Customer Support (585) 288-1700

I believe this complaint would be best coming directly from you, the parent, because you know exactly what happened. If you have provided me with a written explanation of what happened, I will forward that information, too. Please be sure to include the route # and stops in your complaint.

If you are not comfortable sending your child on the RTS bus after what happened today, I am attaching a roster of those who have signed up for Winter Conditioning. Please connect with each other to coordinate carpooling to and from practice.

If you need to be a part of a carpool, please feel free to reply to this email and include 1) when you can drive 2)when you need a ride.  If you are already driving and you can fit another rower into your car, please let me know that too.

Please, feel free to contact me with your concerns or if you have any other solutions that may be helpful to rowers in need of transportation.

Peace and Kindness,
Rhonda Miga
BRC Communications
BRC Board Member

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2014 US Rowing Waiver – All Rowers Need to Sign

Please go to this link and complete the US Rowing Waiver for 2014. You will need to complete this only one time for 2014.

2014 USRowing Electronic Waiver:  (good from 01/01/2014 – 12/31/2014)  NOTE: You will need BRC’s Club Number to complete the electronic registration: 37JE4)

Paper Copy 2014+USRowing– Please complete both the electronic and paper copies.



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News for Week of January 13, 2014

1. Winter Conditioning Starts in One Week
1a.   YARD Signs Available.
2. Indoor Tank Sessions – Mark Your Calendar!
3. Row Free Spring 2014 (info attached)
4. Board Contacts
5. Spring Registration: $30 discount from last season details

Winter Conditioning starts THIS Saturday, January 18.  Please visit our website, and choose the Registration tab to register today!  Winter Conditioning details can also be found under the Registration tab.

YARD SIGNS – We have BRC Row Now Yard Signs to put up. If you would be willing to put a sign in your yard, please pick up a sign off Rhonda’s front porch anytime this week.

Mark Your Calendar – We have two Mandatory Indoor Tank sessions scheduled this winter, Sunday, February 2 and Sunday, March 2 @ 2:00pm.  Please invite a friend. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce rowing to a friend.

Row Free Spring 2014 Opportunity.  Each year we have a Row Free Raffle.  Please considering making a donation to Brighton Rowing Club and have your name entered for a change to Row Free for the season. Winners will be drawn at our Parent Meeting in March 2014. Please see the flyer on our home page for details.

Need to contact a board member?  We have added new email contacts to our website.  Visit > About Us > Board Members.  Board members can be reached by first name last name  For example,

Registration for Spring.  Those who rowed in the Fall 2013 will receive a $30 credit toward Spring 2014 season expenses. This $30 will automatically be deducted when you register using the Shopping Cart on our website.  You can pay by credit card or check. If you would like to split your Spring Dues into three monthly payments, your first payment is due January 15.  Please visit our website, > Registration > Spring Registration Fees and Information for more details.

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TENTATIVE Spring 2014 Regatta Schedule.

One of my favorite New Year’s Day activities is filling in the new calendar.  So, when and where is BRC racing in regattas this spring?  Not sure…

Regatta Central has not yet posted the dates for Spring 2014 Regattas.

But, based on past BRC regatta participation, these are expected dates.  The Board and Coaches meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, and will select the events as details emerge (like info from Three Rivers Rowing about their Pittsburgh Invitational.)

Click here to see the 2013 schedule and links. We expect 2014 to be similar but do not have the exact dates yet.  Stay tuned!

4/18-19            ??Pittsburgh Invitational

5/4                    ??John Bennett Regatta, Buffalo

5/9-11               ??NYS Scholastic Rowing Championships, Saratoga

5/17                   ??Syracuse Chargers Invitational

5/24-25            ??Pittsford Regatta


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