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End-of-Season Team Party, Sun 6/8, 11-2

FYI:  The Costanza Family has generously offered to host the party at their farm in the Italy Valley (south of Canandaigua Lake–we had the Fall ’11 Party there).

Bring your swimsuits and lawn chairs.  SignUp coming soon.

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Pittsford Regatta and Final Practice Update

Hi all, we are one day into our last regatta and the BRC crews are doing great!

Tomorrow, please show up to the regatta by 7:15 am. The coxswains should go directly to the coaches and coxswains meeting when they arrive.

The final practice will be held on Tuesday (not Moday since that’s Memorial Day) at the usual time from 3:45 to 5:45. We will be doing boathouse cleanup so there is no land parent needed.

Have a great week and good luck to all the rowers racing tomorrow!


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Pittsford Regatta Update and Modified Exhibition

Hi all! Here are some details on the Pittsford Regatta this weekend:

This regatta is a two day regatta. The morning schedule on Saturday is for masters rowers, so our rowers should arrive at the regatta site at noon. The time for the coaches and coxswains meeting is around noon, but the exact schedule is not up yet so coxswains should be prepared for a slight time change in case the meeting is a few minutes before noon.

Practice will be held in Pittsford on Friday.

Modified rowers will be rowing in an exhibition row at 11:25 am and should be at the launch site by 10 am. Text or call modified coach Liza at (310) 773-6387 or email her at before Friday to let her know your rower will be attending. Please feel free to join the team for lunch afterwards at the BRC hospitality tent.

See you all on Saturday!


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Pittsford Regatta Update, Modified + TCMS Sports Assembly

  • Pittsford Regatta: Friday’s practice and tent set-up; Race Schedule
  • Modified Demonstration Row, Saturday 5/24, 11:25
  • TCMS Sports Assembly, Friday 5/23, 8-9AM
  1. Pittsford Regatta this weekend:
    1. Friday’s practice will be at the regatta site:  boats de-rigged and loaded after practice on Thursday, 5/22.  Unloaded/rigged in Pittsford on Friday before a practice run on the canal.  Coaches will tell rowers when to arrive for racing on Sat/Sun.
    2. Tent and hospitality gear delivered to regatta site on Friday.  Who can help stake out a good viewing spot? Choose a good site, preliminary set up for Saturday AM.  Click Here to sign up.
    3. Food items should be brought directly to the tent on Saturday and Sunday.  Click Here to sign up. (Do it now, so Joi and her team know what to expect).
    4. Click Here for more regatta details.
    5. Race schedule Here on Regatta Central. (Click “Entries” or “Heat Sheet/Draw” on left margin.)
    6. Saturday AM events are for sculling and masters.
      1. 9:30:  GRC Mens 4+ (see Will in action in stroke!)
      2. 9:40:  GRC Womens 8+ (see Lisa vs Tamara Abbott in competing boats!)
      3. 10:00:  BRC Boys 2x (Ryan and Pablo)
      4. 10:30:  GRC Womens Rec 8+ (includes BRC VIPs)
      5. 10:45: GRC Mens 8+  (Peter Siegrist)
      6. 11:00:  GRC Novice 8+ (Geoff Hale!)
      7. 11:25:  Modified Team Demonstration Row
      8. Afternoon:  High School events begin. Click Here for BRC entries and lineups.
      9. Sunday:  Finals.  Schedule TBA
  2. Modified Demonstration Row at the mid-day break during the Pittsford Regatta.  Families will receive an email from Liza with details.
  3. TCMS Sports Assembly promotes Summer Learn-to-Row and Fall Season to incoming freshmen.  6-10 rowers needed, see Elena Bernstein for more info.
    1. Be at TCMS atrium Friday, 5/23, 8AM-9AM (finished in time for Springfest!)
    2. Get a note for BHS with your parents’ permission to leave school briefly.
    3. Wear your uniform or BRC fan-gear and medals.
    4. According to Mr. Ogden (long-time BRC fan!):  “Most other sports have just the coach talking about things but if you have a group of student athletes who can speak to smaller groups word will spread more easily.   Middle schoolers are drawn to the older kids.”
    5. Do teammates who attend other schools have a similar venue to promote BRC?  Please contact Stephanie Siegrist:  Thanks!
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News for the Week of May 19, 2014

Hi all! Congratulations to all the rowers at Syracuse Chargers Junior Invitational! Nice job! Here is the news for this week:

1. Pittsford regatta is next weekend

2. Practice times are normal

1. The Pittsford regatta will take place on Saturday and Sunday, May 24 and 25. There is no additional cost for this regatta. To sign up to bring things to the tent, please visit our sign up genius here.

2. Novice and Varsity will practice every day this week from 3:45 to 5:45. Modified will practice from 4 to 5:45 on Monday and Wednesday. Modified rowers, if you will be late to practice or can’t come, please contact Coach Liza at (310) 773-6837. The land parent slots have all been filled for this year. The land parents for this week are: Tracy Schleyer on Monday, Kim Nguyen on Tuesday, Mimi Hwang on Wednesday, Christi Haritatos on Thursday, and Carol McKenna on Friday.

Have a great week!


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BRC at States – Article by Timothy Lawrence

Here’s another great article by Dr. Lawrence. This one is about BRC’s performance at states. Enjoy!

Brighton Rowing Rocks in State Rowing Championships

The Brighton Rowing Club had a successful weekend in the New York State Scholastic Rowing Championships in Saratoga on May 10th and 11th. The girls’ junior eight won gold among all club teams, and three other teams came home with hardware in the event that attracted over 600 crews from 71 scholastic teams and clubs across the state.

Evie Brooks, a BHS sophomore was stroke for the girls’ octet, and Vidhya Jeyadev, a BHS sophomore, the coxswain, for the crew that hammered into a strong headwind over the 1500-meter sprint course. The two were joined by BHS junior Jewell Freeman, and BHS sophs Hannah Tilson, Elena Bernstein, Isabella Julian, and Penfield HS sophs Katlyn Murphy, Morgan McGuire and Clare Willette.

The girls’ lightweight four won bronze among club crews in their final and were fourth overall among 18 entries. BHS senior Claire Belanger was the stroke, and junior Laura Castelein the coxswain, along with Mercy HS junior Kennedy Abbott, and BHS sophs Celia Garth and Franie Parker Hale.

Two boys’ doubles also snagged bronze among the club crews.  BHS seniors Eli Lawrence and Ben Costanza slammed on the Fish Creek 1500 for seniors, while BHS junior Pablo Stein and soph Ryan Moorthi likewise got bronze for junior (non-senior class) club doubles and fifth overall.

The girls’ quad got fourth place among club crews.  BHS soph Aidan Antonienko was the stroke for the sculling four along with BHS seniors Hannah Rabinowitz and Claire Siegrist and her freshman sibling, Helen.

The boys’ novice four also just missed the podium finishing fourth among club crews and sixth overall among 22 crews. That foursome included stroke Nik Nguyen, a Spencerport soph, with BHS junior John Hanrahan, soph Connor McMurtrie, and freshmen Colin Brodie and cox Will Zelazny.

The girls’ novice eight also just missed earning medals when they finished fourth among clubs in the finals and seventh of 33 crews overall. Fiona Brodie, a BHS senior, was the stroke and Calista Greenberg, the coxswain, while they were joined by BHS students Olivia Leclerc, Julia Mieszczanska, Cameron St. Clair, Mikayla Henry, and Drew O’neill; Archana Sharma, a sophomore from Webster Schroeder, and Liana Meisenzahl from Gates-Chili.

The boys’ junior four made the petite final and improved their time and position to finish in 14th place of 33 crews. BHS soph Robert Criddle was the stroke, while Madeline Heilbronner, a junior, was the coxswain; along with BHS sophs Cameron McKinzie, Jake Egamino, and Quinn Coughlin.

Head Coach Will Greene was thrilled with the team performances and the metallic results, but he was also pleased with changes in the format of the championships in their 18th year. The sprint course was expanded to allow as many as ten boats to race side by side in a final, thus eliminating the need for semi-final races, while giving teams a better opportunity for competition among teams of similar ability in a “grand” or “petite” final.

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Syracuse Regatta Update 2014

Hi all! This Saturday is the Syracuse Chargers Regatta. The coaches and coxswains meeting is at 7:30 AM but you have to walk to the location (you can’t get dropped off right there) so coxswains need to be at the regatta site by 7 am SHARP. Everyone else, get there between 7 and 7:15.

Here are directions to the Syracuse Boathouse.

If you haven’t signed up for any of our volunteer needs for this regatta, please visit the sign up genius here.

See you all Saturday! Please come prepared for the weather and feel free contact me with any additional questions.


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Syracuse Regatta + Summer Learn-to-Row

  1. Update on Syracuse this Saturday, May 17
  2. Tell your friends about Learn-to-Row (Parents should try it!)

1.  Update on Syracuse:  

  • BRC Details available Here:  Links to Directions, SignUp Genius, etc…
  • Coaches will tell rowers what time to arrive.  BRC entries and line-ups available here.
  • Plan your carpools and about 90 minutes drive-time; parking at site is $10
  • Schedule for the Time Trials will be posted Wednesday evening on Regatta Central.  Last BRC-boat final is scheduled for 2:40PM.
  • Check the Sign-Up Genius for hospitality needs.
  • Bring your water bottles!
  • Weather forecast: 64 and partly cloudy.  But, after heavy rains predicted for Friday.

2.  Have your friends asked about rowing?   Our best publicity is word-of-mouth.  

Summer Learn-to-Row Camps are a major source of BRC capital funds (without them, you’d be out there selling candy bars!) and Fall rowers.  National Learn-to-Row Day is a great opportunity for parents to get an idea of what their kids do everyday.

Please share this info with friends and neighbors who are looking to stay fit and active this summer. (Copy/paste the paragraphs below into emails, your neighborhood association newsletter, etc…)


Tour the boathouse, get a crash course in indoor rowing (on the erg), learn the basics of the rowing stroke, the equipment used and programs offered at Genesee Rowing Club (adults) and Brighton Rowing Club (grades 7-12).  The visit culminates in an on-the-water rowing experience in an “eight” with an experienced coxswain and rowers (weather permitting).

Where:  Genesee Valley Park off Moore Road (East side of the river, near Elmwood and U of R)


2-week program, Monday-Friday, for boys and girls entering grades 7-12.  Teaches rowing techniques and quickly progress to rowing on the Genesee River and Erie Canal. No rowing/boating experience is necessary, but participants must be able to swim.  All equipment is provided.  We will be on the water so arrive on time & plan to stay the whole session.

Rowing is a total-body workout that builds endurance, strength, balance, mental discipline and teamwork.   Excellent cross-training off-season from other sports, very low injury risk.   LTR can be taken by itself, or as preparation for the Fall season.  $50 discount on the Fall season club registration if you keep rowing!

  • Session 1         July 7-18            9-11 AM
  • Session 2         July 7-18           3:30-5:30 PM
  • Session 3         July 28-Aug 8    9-11 AM
  • Session 4         July 28-Aug 8     3:30-5:30 PM
  • Session 5         Aug 18-29           9-11 AM
  • Session 6         Aug 18-29           3:30-5:30 PM

Fee: $195/2-week session

Find more information at or volunteer

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News for the Week of May 12, 2014

Hi all! States went very well for BRC over the weekend, so congratulations to all the rowers! Here is some news for this week:

1. Syracuse Regatta is this weekend!

2. Practice times are normal this week

1. Syracuse Regatta is this Saturday, May 17th. Rowers should arrange for their own transportation to this regatta (carpooling is a great option!). There is no additional cost for this regatta. The coaches will let everybody what time to arrive on site, and another email will be sent out once specific times are determined. To sign up for volunteer opportunities at our hospitality tent or food donations, visit our sign up genius here.

2. Varsity and novice will practice each day this week from 3:45 to 5:45. Modified will practice Monday and Wednesday from 4 to 5:45. Good news, all the land parent slots for the rest of the season have been filled! Yay! This week, the land parents are as follows: Kim Nguyen on Monday, Anne Brodie on Tuesday, Edith Lawrence on Wednesday, Christie Haritatos on Thursday, and Carol McKenna on Friday.

Have a great week! – Franie

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New Departure Time, Chaperones and Food

  1. Departure time is now 12 Noon, Friday, 5/9
  2. Regatta payments due:  $195
  3. 2 more Chaperones needed for States:  Sign Up
  4. Food items needed this weekend:  Sign Up

1.  Departure time:  All rowers should be at the bus in the Brighton High School parking lot by 11:30 AM on Friday, 5/9 to leave by 12 Noon.
For BHS students, this means signing yourselves out of school in the attendance office after 4th period. Have a parent-signed note or have your parent call that morning.
Bring your lunch on the bus.
Ask your homeroom teacher or counselor if you can leave your packed suitcase in his or her room until it’s time to leave.
It’s a 4-hour drive to Saratoga.  Bus will take you to the regatta site to rig the boats and unload the trailer.
Bring money for dinner at a local mall on Friday night and on the way home Sunday.

2.  Regatta payments:  $195 covers the entry fees, bus, hotel and hospitality tent for the weekend.  Please drop off payment ASAP at the Jayadev’s if you haven’t already done so.

3.  Chaperones needed:  It takes many hands to transport, supervise and feed the Club! Rowers do a great job looking out for themselves and their teammates, but we need 2 more adult chaperones.
Chaperones ride the bus with the team to/from Rochester and to/from the hotel and regatta site; ensure everyone arrives safely; does room checks and head counts.  BRC covers the cost of your hotel room.  Sign Up Here.

4.  Who can make Broccoli Salad and Veggie Chili?  2 long days of racing make for hungry rowers!  Sign Up here to complete Joi’s menu.
Food items can be brought to the boathouse on Thursday afternoon or dropped off in the cooler on Joi’s porch Thursday evening.  (It’s best to bring it Thursday, not Friday, so Joi and her team can pack it up for travel.)

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