Month: August 2014

Varsity 8/25; Novice 9/2; Modified 9/8

Welcome to BRC Fall Season!

1. Registration, Uniforms and Swim Tests
2. Parent Meeting Wednesday, 9/10, 7PM, BHS Cafeteria
3. Land Parents
4. Regatta Schedule and SignUps

1.  Registration and Uniforms:
-Varsity practice starts Monday, 8/25, 3:45-5:45PM (M-F)
-Novice practice starts Tuesday, 9/2, 3:45-5:45PM (M-F)
-Modified practice starts Monday, 9/8, 4:00-5:30PM (Mon and Wed)
Click Here to register for Fall Rowing
Click Here for a checklist of Registration Requirements. Some items are needed each season, some once a year, some only once…
-Varsity Uniforms are ordered directly through JLRacing.  If you missed our Team Store, you can order individually (details TBA).  Or, a few used unis are available.
-Novice T’s are ordered through Athletic Outlet.
-Modified don’t need uniforms, and will receive a BRC T-shirt!
-All new Novice and Modified rowers must pass a swim test Wed 9/3 or 9/10.  Click Here to register for the swim test.

2. Parent Meeting Wednesday, 9/10, 7PM, BHS Cafeteria
 Required for all Novice and Varsity families; parents of Modified rowers are welcome, too.  We’ll discuss club operations for the season including regatta travel plans.  Coaches will discuss their goals for the season and how boat line-ups are created.                

3. Land Parents
Click Here to SignUp.  Each family should sign up for 2-3 sessions to cover the season.
A land parent remains at the boathouse while the team is on the water during practice in case of an emergency.  More details here.

4. Regatta Schedule and SignUps
Click Here for Regatta dates and details.  All Novice and Varsity rowers are are expected to be available for their regattas. Regatta non-availability must be negotiated with coaches a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the regatta, as it affects seat assignments for everyone.

Thank you for your help, and best wishes to the rowers for a great season!
Stephanie Siegrist, Marketing and Communications Director,

Posted by Stephanie Siegrist (Brighton Rowing Club)

Moving to Varsity? Order your uni by 8/13/14!

What’s the real difference between Novice and Varsity?  The cool uniform!

Novice rowers moving up to Varsity this fall must order their Unis/Tech Shirts through our JLRacing Team Store by midnight, Wednesday, August 13, 2014 for delivery in time for our first regatta! (New Novice rowers will need a uniform t-shirt:  details here).

If you miss this deadline, you will need to order your uniform as an individual, directly from JL. Individual orders’ pricing and shipping will be different than a team purchase.

Each Uni is custom made-to-measure and takes 5-6 weeks for delivery (Boys $110, girls $113).

Use a tape measure and follow the directions on the site.  Click Here for more info.

A limited number of used Unis/Tech Shirts may be available.  If you’ve graduated or outgrown your uni, donate it to BRC or share it with a teammate.

Posted by Stephanie Siegrist (Brighton Rowing Club)