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BRC Weekly News 9/29/14

1.  WOW!  Congratulations Varsity rowers on your excellent performance at both regattas in Washington DC last weekend!  All BRC boats did well against a lot of big teams who row on the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers all the time.   Thank you to all parents who drove, chaperoned and fed the team.  Strong work!  Please send photos for the website to .

2.  Head of the Genesee, Sunday, October 5: is our “home” regatta, for Novice and Varsity.  Modified have a demonstration row at noon.  Click Here for details, including links to the race schedule.  Coaches will announce line ups later this week.  As of right now, it looks like 40% chance of rain, 60 degrees. Perfect chili and grilled cheese weather.

3.  Hospitality for HOG:  SignUp to bring a food item and help set-up/serve/pack-up.  More importantly, we need a parent or 2 to take charge of hospitality for this weekend: learn from Joi, review the SignUp, shop for extras, select the tent-site, recruit and direct on-site volunteers.   Who will it be?  Everyone will love you immediately for taking this initiative.  Please coordinate with Joi and Tamara DiNolfo:

4.  Team Photos:  MODIFIED: I am looking for a Modified parent to take team pictures and snapshots at practice and the 10/5 Demonstration Row. These will be submitted to Mr. Ogden at TCMS for the yearbook and added to our website.   NOVICE AND VARSITY:   We also need a parent to take team pictures and snapshots at the HOG.  This is usually done during the lunch hour break in the tent area.   Let me know:

5. Head of the Schuylkill, October 25-26.  Overnight, away regatta for Novice and Varsity in Philadelphia. Click Here for more info.  Travel logistics and cost TBA.  Rowers should tell coaches and Tamara Abbott ( if he/she is NOT going.

6.  Land Parents:  SignUp is wide open.  What’s going on?  Is anyone showing up?

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BRC Weekly News 9/21/14

  1. Varsity travel/racing details for Head(s) of the Anacostia and Potomac have been emailed separately and are posted on the website:  Click Here.
  2. No practice on Friday, 9/26…boats and coaches will be in DC!
  3. Team roster, final version has been sent separately via email.  Please review for any corrections.  Keep this roster handy to plan carpools, etc… Welcome to all of our new Novice and Modified.
  4. Land Parents:  Schedule is wide open; Click Here to sign up.  Where is everyone?  If every family volunteers 2-3 shifts, then this important safety role is covered for the season.  Novice and Modified parents are encouraged to sign up, too.
  5. The new BRC stickers are in!  Every rower, coach and board member will get one at Head of the Genesee, additional stickers available for $5.  All new rowers get a free T-shirt!  Kalpana Janamanchi (Archana’s Mom) will make sure you get one in time for HOG.  Additional t-shirts available for $15.
  6. Practice start time for Varsity and Novice 3:45, Modified at 4:00 means “hands-on” to take the boats down.  Rowers should arrive at the boathouse 10-15 minutes earlier to get ready and so the coaches can make their line-ups.
  7. Photos needed:  Do you have any BRC photos from 2013-2014 to update the website?  Please send to Stephanie Siegrist at, or drop off a disk/thumb drive.


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BRC Weekly News 9/14/14

Land Parents:  Visit the SignUp and sign up!  If every family serves 2-3 slots, the season will be covered.  This is a great opportunity to see the rowers in action (and get in a workout on an erg, or get a little reading done!)  If your kid has told you not to be Land Parent…do it anyway!  But seriously:  Land Parents serve an important role in case of an emergency.

Welcome New Rowers and Families:  We have many new Modified and Novice rowers this fall.  You’ll receive general club info via email weekly, and team-specific emails as needed.

Parent Meeting:  Thanks to all who attended the Novice/Varsity Meeting last week, and to all who have volunteered so far.  Stephanie Siegrist will be meeting with parents of Modified rowers after practice at the boathouse on Monday, 9/15.  Please contact Stephanie (Communications) at with any questions.

Registration Wrap-Up:  Registrars will contact you to complete any missing paperwork.  All new rowers must pass a Swim Test…next date is scheduled for Wednesday, 9/17, 7PM at the BHS pool.  Click Here to sign up, or contact to make arrangements.

Regatta Details:  Varsity rowers will receive info later this week via email with details about cost and departure time for Head of the Potomac.  Info is also posted on the Website.  Thank you to the parents who have offered to drive and chaperone.  SignUp here to contribute food items and pack up the trailer.  First regatta for Novice is Head of the Genesee, Sunday, 10/5.  Click Here for more info.

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BRC Weekly News, 9/7/14

  1. Parent Meeting, Wed, 9/10, 7-8PM, BHS Cafeteria: Mandatory for Novice and Varsity.  Click Here for Agenda.  Looking forward to seeing you there! Since 9/10 is TCMS Curriculum Night, I will contact Modified parents to schedule a brief meeting week of 9/15.
  2. Land Parents:
    1. Mon, 9/8:  Open.  Sign Up Here
    2. Tues, 9/9:   Kalpana Janamanchi
    3. Wed, 9/10:  Open.  Sign Up Here
    4. Thurs, 9/11:  Open.  Sign Up Here
    5. Fri, 9/12:  Mimi Hwang
  3. Recruit Novice and Modified!  Novice practice started Tuesday, 9/2, and Modified starts 9/8, but late registrations are welcome through mid-September!  Tell your friends and neighbors! 
  4. Key Volunteers Needed:  We need parents to step into these vacancies:
    1. Hospitality Team:   former leaders’ kids are not rowing this season!
    2. Photographer/Reporter:  team and candid photos; submit racing articles to local media.
    3. NYSSRA/Awards Coordinator:  submit credentials for Scholar Athlete awards and Varsity Letters
    4. Regatta Director-in-Training:  Tamara Abbott’s rower is a senior, and someone needs to learn the ropes for next year.
    5. Directors-at-Large:   2-3 people “in training”.  Learn the workings of BRC and our Board of Directors; prepare to step into a defined role


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Welcome to Fall 2014

  1. Communications: How to know what’s going on
  2. Registration and Team Rosters
  3. Parent Meeting, Wed, 9/10, 7PM BHS Cafeteria
  4. Recruit Novice!
  5. Land Parents
  6. Other Volunteer Needs

1.  Communications:  What you need to know for a great season of rowing with BRC will arrive via email or is at
Coaches’ Info:  Coaches make all the decisions about rowing, racing, practice and its equipment.  Outside of practice, they often communicate directly with rowers via text.  Practice occurs every day as scheduled (M-F Novice/Varsity; M & W Modified), rain or shine.
Weekly News:  Hot topics about club operations, practice and regattas that concern all or most rowers and families.  You’ll receive a link to the full news post via email.  The 5 most-recent posts appear in the Latest News box on our homepage;  all former posts are available in the Archive box in the right-margin sidebar (scroll down).  I’ve subscribed all current members with the email addresses used at registration.  If you received this message, you’re subscribed.  If your rower, or another parent or VIP, did not receive this message, they should subscribe in the Latest News box on our homepage.  Similarly, to unsubscribe, click that box.
Team-Specific Emails:  Information that pertains specifically to Modified, Novice or Varsity teams will arrive via email.  Ex: practice cancellations (rare), distributing team rosters (or other info we don’t want posted on the website).  Please make sure that we have email addresses that rowers and parents check daily!
Team Captains/Facebook pages:  Elena Bernstein, Franie Parker-Hale and Ryan Moorthi will share training goals, regatta FYIs and racing info to psych up the rowers via BRC Facebook pages.  These pages are intended to be kid-to-kid.  Captains will contact each rower to get them on board.
Directory of Key Volunteers:  Soon, the website will have a list of the folks who handle key jobs of BRC operations.  In the meantime, OK to contact me ( with any questions or feedback.

2.  Registration and Team Rosters:  If you are rowing this Fall and have not formally registered:  DO IT NOW!    Not sure what you’re missing? Contact Katie, Marlyne and/or David at  The Team Roster is a gold-mine of contact info for carpooling and volunteering:  print it out and save it on your computer or phone for frequent reference.  Drafts will arrive via email until the final list is compiled when registrations are complete.

3.  Parent Meeting, Wed, 9/10, 7PM BHS Cafeteria:  Attendance is required for all Novice and Varsity; Modified families are welcome to attend.   We’ll cover club logistics for the season, including regatta travel; coaches will tell you their expectations.

4.  Recruit Novice!  Novice practice starts Tuesday, 9/2, but late registrations are welcome through mid-September!  Tell your friends and neighbors!  Elena, Franie and Ryan are spearheading this at BHS…help them out!  We’d love to have more rowers from Spencerport, Webster, Penfield, Harley, Gates-Chili and other schools.  Bring it!

5.  Land Parents and Water Cooler Refills:
Tues, 9/2:  Tracy Schleyer
Wed, 9/3:  Larry Heilbronner
Thurs, 9/4:  OPEN.  SignUp HERE
Fri, 9/5:  Larry Heilbronner
Mon, 9/8 and beyond:  OPEN.  SignUp HERE

6.  Other Volunteer Needs:   The work that runs BRC is divided among 7 teams.  Visit the Volunteer SignUp to learn what’s needed.  We’ll also discuss at the Parent Meeting.

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