Month: February 2015

BRC News 2/17/15: Training Update from Coach Will Greene

  1. Frozen River 1-28-15Message to Novice and Varsity from Coach Will:  “For BRC, the winter has always been the time to assess how we did in the fall and how we can maximize the experience of our athletes in the spring.  Our small size, relative to other area clubs, does not preclude us from generating speed on the water.  In fact, it allows each athlete to receive coaching attention and work in smaller, skill-building boats.
    “For the upcoming season, we have changed the structure of our practices.  We will no longer strictly segregate men and women or Novice and Varsity.  Instead, we will provide coaching to different boats across gender lines based on the speed and intensity they show at practice.  With fewer than 30 rowers expected for Spring 2015, coaches Lisa Saladino and Will Greene will be dividing up the athletes evenly with additional help 2 days per week from Chris Cistrone.  (Liza Savage will be back to coach Modified.)
    “We have also invested in additional sculling equipment so we can provide each of our rowers, including our youngest Novices and new Varsity, the opportunity to develop the skills transferable to making all boats move quickly.  (BRC sold an 8+ and 2 2x’s and purchased a new 4x and 2x.)
    “We are now 3 weeks into our on-land portion of our spring season.  Over half of our participants have missed 0-1 class.  ROC Boxing has started to prepare our rowers for “kettlebell sport” competitions, an endurance event of the same duration as our spring races.  The core strength developed over these 8 weeks of land training will greatly enhance our preparation to compete this spring.  Of course, we do find time to fit some erg training and testing into our conditioning so we are able to identify our progress this winter without spending hours and hours erging!
    “We are planning to start on-water Monday, 3/30, after our last indoor session 3/28 at ROC.  If Genesee River conditions are liquid (not ice!) and without excessive debris, we will start on-water immediately, focusing on rowing 8+’s and 4x’s to ensure safety of our athletes.  (River’s flow speed and volume are measured by the USGS at Ford St. Bridge.  If conditions not favorable, we’ll do land workouts and indoor tank sessions.)
    “We have re-structured our regatta schedule, incorporating a new race in NJ that will provide us with the opportunity to compete in each boat class that we intend to race at States.  The competition in NJ will be strong and different than the crews we will meet on the rest of our schedule.
    “The work we do on land will set us up for a strong season.  The work we do on water will polish our skills and allow us the opportunity to compete against the best teams in NY state.  The drive each rower brings to each practice will go a long way in determining their personal development, the quality of our group sessions and ultimately our team in 2015.”
  2. Survey Results:  Thanks again to Hannah and Aidan for organizing the Athlete Satisfaction Survey and presenting the findings to the coaches and board.  BRC is constantly assessing its performance and policies in a continuous process of improvement each season.  The club is fortunate to have the resources (boat sizes, coaching expertise, regatta choices, dedicated parents, etc…) it needs to run a successful, competitive rowing program.
  3. Board Opportunities:  Speaking of dedicated parents…BRC board needs 2-3 more parents to serve as Members-at-Large to learn about club operations and governance, and prepare to step into a defined role.  Laura Civiletti has retired after many years as Facilities Director;  Regatta Director Tamara Abbott’s daughter, Kennedy, is a senior.  The board meets monthly, 2d Wednesday evening.  Join us!  Contact Board Secretary and Program Director, Irene Allen:  Click Here to meet current Board members.
  4. Other Volunteer Opportunities:  Hospitality, registration, chaperones, land parents, etc…Each family’s contribution to BRC’s work ensures our rowers have a great experience season after season.  Please share your talents with us: Click Here.  Our website needs a promo video Like This, or This…any creative rowers care do give it a go?
  5. Parent Meeting will take place 3/23, 24 OR 25 at 7PM, BHS cafeteria.  Stay tuned for details.
  6. New Rowers Welcome!  Although our experienced rowers are training through the winter to condition for spring racing, BRC welcomes new Novice anytime to start on-water 3/30/15  (ideally, they’ll get some exposure to rowing technique during at least 1 visit to the tanks).  Modified  start 4/13/15.  Learn-to-Row sessions will again be offered this summer to recruit members for Fall 2015.
  7. Stay warm!
Posted by Stephanie Siegrist (Brighton Rowing Club)