Month: February 2017

BRC News 2/26/17: Fest of Ideas; Docks are in!

  1. Festival of Ideas, Saturday, March 4:  BRC will host our 2d annual workshop at the Fest this year to introduce 5th-8th graders to rowing, raise awareness of the club and build a pipeline of future members.
    1. We have 14 kids registered:  7 each at 2:30 and 3:30. (Triple the number from last year!)
    2. 4-5 BRC rowers needed to help transport equipment and dazzle the kids.
    3. We’ll bring 4 ergs, a sweep oar and other cool props.
    4. Let Stephanie Siegrist know (329-3308, that you’re available, 1-5PM this Saturday.
    5. Wear your BRC Fangear, etc…Thank you!
  2. Docks are in!  SJFC and GRC rowers installed the docs on Saturday, 2/25.  Since we have had a mild winter, Coach Bex says BRC might start on-water sooner than scheduled if river conditions permit!  Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.
  3. Parent Meeting, Wednesday, March 22, 7-8PM at BHS cafeteria.
    1. Swim Tests for new Modified and Novice, even if you did Summer Learn-to-Row.  At the BHS pool during the Parent Meeting.  Please let AnnMarie Schneider know if you’re not available on this date, to make other arrangements:
    2. Meet our new Assistant Coaches and Board Members.
    3. Learn about logistics and exciting new stuff for the season.
    4. Mandatory for Novice and Varsity parents; Modified parents are welcome to attent.
  4. If you haven’t completed your Spring 2017 registration, please do it ASAP:   Click Here NOW.  If you HAVE registered, thank you!
  5. Spring Regatta Schedule posted Here.
    1. Note:  Ithaca Icebreaker is Sunday, April 30 (not 23rd as previously listed).
    2. Novice and Varsity rowers are expected to attend practice over the April break to prepare for competition.
    3. Boat lineups will depend on:
      1. Erg Scores:  Raw score and weight-adjusted score
      2. Seat Racing:  to what degree are you able to move the boat?
      3. Consistency:  is your technique, power, attitude, etc…consistent from day to day?
      4. Technique:  are you improving your technique and keeping those changes?
      5. Attendance:  are you making a concerted effort to be at every practice, and on-time?
      6. Attitude:  do you have a strong work ethic, show appropriate sportsmanship and clear focus?
      7. Coachability:  are you open to feedback and making appropriate changes?
      8. Questions:  please reach out to Coach Bex:
  6. Rowing in College:  Sophomores and Juniors who are interested in college rowing should start browsing sites now and contacting their coaches.
    1. Here are links to Syracuse and University at Buffalo women’s rowing.
    2. Visit Row2K for a list of college rowing teams.   Some club teams aren’t listed (like Binghamton and RPI).
    3. Many teams have open houses or recruiting days, like Bucknell.
Posted by Stephanie Siegrist (Brighton Rowing Club)