Committee Needs and Positions Opening for Brighton Rowing Club

Thank you for supporting Brighton Rowing Club.  Each family’s contribution to the Club’s work ensures our rowers have a great experience season after season.

Sign up for the Committees/tasks that interest you:  

We need to train replacements for graduating experts:

  • Registrar–Collect online and paper forms, process fees
  • Travel Agent– Make hotel/bus reservations for away regattas.  Determine travel budget.
  • Rowing Equipment Manager–Inventory, Storage, Maintenance of boats, riggings, launches/motors, ergometers, etc…
  • Treasurer–Handle BRC income/expenses; present financial reports to the Board; develop operating budget to meet BRC financial goals; plan major purchases
  • Incoming Directors-at-Large–3 to 5 people “in training”.  Learn the workings of the Brighton Rowing Club and our Board of Directors, prepare to step into a defined role:

We’ll have more info at the Parents’ Meeting, Wed, March 7th, 7 PM, BHS Cafeteria.

PS:  Volunteers don’t have to be parents.  Rowers interested in leadership can serve their Club, too.


Stephanie Siegrist
Marketing Director and Volunteer Coordinator
Brighton Rowing Club

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