Sponsorship/Donation Information

BRC is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.  Registration fees cover our operating costs each season; summer Learn-to-Row fees and earnings from working at the Head of the Genesee Regatta add to our capital fund to maintain and replace equipment.  We gladly accept your tax-deductible charitable donations! 

If a parent volunteer would like to organize corporate sponsorships or other fundraising activities, please contact volunteer@brightoncrew.org

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 Name One of Our Boats

Type of Boat    Naming Rights
4                    $3500
8                    $7000

Donation is tax deductible.  You select the name we will paint on the boat. In addition, you can share your story. We will post a picture of the boat you name and share the the history of the boat and the significance of the name.  We typically keep our boats for many years.

The Ceslovas (pronounced chess-low-vus)    Women’s 4
Named by Irene Allen, Fall 2010, in memory of her late father Ceslovas Psezdzieckis.
“Volunteering with BRC has brought back many memories of all the ways that my dad supported my activities when I was young. Every time that I see the Ceslovas, I think of my father and imagine how much he would have enjoyed being involved in this.”