Modified Rowing Program

Spring 2019 Modified Program

…is currently being restructured.  More information will be posted soon.

Expected start date is May 2019 thru June 2019.

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Previous Years Information for those new to Rowing:

Purpose: Our modified rowing program is designed to provide skills instruction for both rowers and coxswains (the athletes who steer and direct the boats) as well as to set expectations for rowers joining a competitive team. Our goal is to introduce kids to the sport and give them the opportunity to advance into the race team if they demonstrate the skills, aptitude, and desire to compete.

Who: Boys and girls, 7th grade and up. Rowers must have the height, weight and physical strength to carry 30-pounds overhead (their share of an 8-person shell!) Coxswains must have the focus and discipline to direct a team on the water. Competitive coxswains are typically smaller and lighter than rowers, like the jockeys who ride horses. Yes, you can both row and cox! After learning to row, all modified rowers will be given the opportunity to cox a boat.

What: Rowers may participate in the 2017 Fall season after completing a Learn to Row session.  A Learn to Row session is required so that all modified athletes are prepared to get on the water in September. Focus is on developing rowing skills, teamwork, fitness, and having fun. Sculling (two oars) & sweep (one oar) rowing techniques may be used, depending on conditions. Participation in this program provides an excellent foundation for High School rowing.


  • Summer:  Click here for Learn to Row sessions, including 2 weeks before Labor Day.
  • Fall: season starts during week of Labor Day (may be later if the first week of school has lots of holidays) through the end of October.  Practices are 2 days a week, after school.
  • Spring:  TBA.  Depends on river-flow conditions and athletes’ experience.

If on-water practice is canceled due to weather, water conditions, etc., make-up sessions will be offered to the best of our ability. We usually still hold practice, but stay indoors.

Where: The Genesee Rowing Club Boathouse in Genesee Valley Park, off Moore Rd. (EAST side of the river). Driving Directions >>>>>> Genesee Rowing Club Boathouse

Regattas: We encourage modified athletes to attend regattas and cheer on the BRC teams! They usually do not participate in regattas, but may have the opportunity to participate in demonstration events. Modified athletes 13 and up may be able to join the racing team if their skills and physical development are such that they are safe to compete, and they can maintain a five day a week practice schedule.

Registration:  Click Here to register.  Athletes must complete a Learn to Row prior to the Fall season.

Questions?  Contact


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