October 8, 2017, Head of the Genesee, Rochester, NY

Genesee River CourseDate: High Schools row on Sunday, October 8, along with Masters (go GRC! 
College racing Sat 10/7. 

Participants: Novice and Varsity

Cost:  No additional cost; included in the registration fees for the Fall season.

Location: Genesee River, Rochester, NY.  This is our “home” regatta.  This year, all launching/landing will take place at GWC boathouse.

2017 Info coming soon.  From 2016:

Time:  Arrive on-site by 7:45AM and expect to stay until about 4-5PM to help with equipment and cheer teammates.  Eat an energy-sustaining breakfast at home.

  • Race Schedule:  Click Here for Regatta Central.
    • Click on “Clubs”, then on BRC  to view our events.
    • Coaches will announce line-ups at practice.
    • Event times are subject to change.
    • Click on “Heat Sheet/Draw” the day before the race for bow numbers, etc…
    • See grid of launch/race times, below.

Volunteer Needs: 

  • Sign-Up for the Hospitality Tent!  Parking under 390 will be congested; you might have better luck in the park’s Roundhouse lot.
  • Work the Regatta: BRC receives $$ for rowers and parents working with the regatta sponsors, usually $1500-$2000 each year!
    • It’s a lot of fun, and many roles don’t require experience or rowing expertise; training is held as needed.
    • Contact Pat Stahl <pavstahl@gmail.com> to volunteer with the HOG sponsor, Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing.

Driving Directions: BRC Boathouse (This is where BRC practices) and Genesee Waterways Center (off Elmwood Ave. on the other side of the Genesee River)

Pictures:  We will try to get as many team, boat and individual pictures as we can over the lunch break between races.

Packing list: Personal clothing and gear, unis, tech shirts and water bottles.  Check the forecast.  Be prepared for sun and rain (or snow!), and make sure to bring rain-gear, jacket, and an extra change of dry clothing stored in a plastic bag.

Launch (50 min before) Race Time Finish (approx) Boat/Oars Pit Crew (oars, shoes)
9:40am 10:31  W V8+ 10:50 VHP; Red oars Julia M, Kennedy, Delaney, Grace
10:15am 11:06  M 4+ 11:25 Honey; Blue oars “  “
Schatzi; Blue Oars “  “
10:45am 11:36 M 2x 11:55 Missy Ryan; blue handle sculls Maddy, Archana, Helen, Mikayla
1:25pm 2:17 M 8+ 2:35 Ode; Blue oars Olivia, Drew O, Alyssa, Julia F, Shelby
1:55pm 2:42 W 4+ 3:05 Lil Red; red oars clams Tommy, Grace, Hayley
CC;      red oars clams Ellie, Keagan, Delaney
2:15pm 3:04 W 2x 3:25 Fluid Bex
Missy Ryan Becca
3:00pm 3:52 W N 4+ 4:10 CC; red oars clams Joe Eric Keagan Tristan