October 20-22, 2017, Head of the Charles, Boston

CambridgeBoatClubDate: October 20-22 (Racing Sunday, 10/22.  Watch the Live Webcast!)

Participants: By lottery.  Coach Bex will submit bids in August.  Entries will be announced mid-September.  Click Here for Rules and Eligibility.


Click Here for 2017 Regatta Central link.

Cost:  TBA

>800 clubs from around the world!

Location: Cambridge Boat Club, Cambridge, MA

2017 Info coming soon.  From 2016:

Time: Practice Row Friday afternoon.  Meet up at 1PM.  Better to practice early…later the river gets very crowded with so many boats practicing!  See below.    

Racing schedule on Regatta Central:  Click Here

  • Click on “Clubs”, then on BRC  to view our events.
    • Womens Youth Fours        8:51AM
    • Womens Youth Doubles   11:06AM
  • Event times are subject to change.

Sponsor’s Website:   Head of the Charles Regatta.

Driving Directions: HOCR Parking and Transportation.


  • Our boats will ride the Mercy and/or RIT trailers.  Packing schedule will be announced at practice.
  • Depart Rochester by 6AM on Friday, 10/21 to arrive at the trailer site by 1PM.
  • Meet at 1PM in Christian Herter Park across the street from 1234 Soldiers Field Road Boston, MA (landmark is the Day’s Inn; a good place to drop off kids when you look for parking each day).
  • Plan for a practice row on the course about 3PM until 5-6PM.
  • Consider attending the Coxing Clinic on Saturday, 8AM.  Register for this on your own.
  • There are no specific BRC requirements on Sat.  However, don’t spend endless hours on your feet at college visits, sight-seeing or race-watching. Eat well, rest, soak it in.
  • This is an amazing, world-class competition.  It’s an exciting privilege to be part of it!  Have a good row!

MEALS:  Athletes will need to bring money for at least 6 meals (~$100) and plan accordingly; there is no hospitality tent but bring snacks to the trailer.  Breakfast Saturday and Sunday is included at the hotel; all other meals are pay-as-you-go.  Pack water bottles, snacks, etc.. to have on hand.  There are numerous food vendors (chowdah in a bread bowl!) along the course on Saturday and Sunday.

Accommodations:  Holiday Inn Express Boston69 Boston Street, Boston, MA 02125

  • In the past, rowers were required to stay together at the team hotel in Boston and BRC made their reservations.  This had pros and cons, and was a problem for those visiting friends or family in the area.  Also, kids need to be driven to and from the regatta site.
  • This year, ROWERS WILL BE STAYING WITH THEIR PARENTS for HOCR, or with a teammate’s family if their parents are not making the trip.  MAKE YOUR OWN FAMILY’S HOTEL ARRANGEMENTS.  (For Schuylkill, everyone will ride the bus and stay together, like usual.)
  • Coaches Bex and Becca are staying and racing with RBC and SJFC, but will be in contact with kids on site.
  • If you’d like:  make your reservation at the Holiday Inn Express Boston, 69 Boston Street, Boston, MA 02125, 1-617-2883030.
    • About 20 minutes from regatta site; Different hotel than past years
    • Block of rooms under Genesee Rowing Club. Single Queen or 2 Double beds, same price, $199/nite (~$455 for the weekend).
    • Breakfast available at the hotel.
  • If you prefer, OK to stay elsewhere, like Airbnb.  But, you must stay in touch with the team and be sure your rower arrives at the regatta site on time.
  • Tell Faithe.Bassett@brightoncrew.org your travel plans.

Registration and Travel Expenses:

  • Regatta fees include registration fees, coaching, boats and equipment and trailer snacks.
  • All meals and hotel will be pay as you go.
  • Regatta fees for HOCR $113 (race registration and trailering) + $25 for Syracuse Regatta = $138 per rower.  Please send a check by 10/20/16 to:  BRC Treasurer, PO box 18724, Rochester, NY 14618
  • Any questions, please contact Faithe Bassett.