Registration fees do not cover all of the expenses of the Club; we need members’ help in raising funds to cover any deficit and ensure a strong capital fund.

Fortunately, we don’t make your sell candy bars or wash cars!  BRC now offers sponsorship opportunities to raise funds.

To download sponsor levels and benefits Click HERE . We are enhancing the benefits for companies who become BRC sponsors Fall 2015. Enhanced offerings appear in red.

Click here to download our Wish List. If you can help with anything on this list, please email

Volunteer at Head of the Genesee. BRC receives $$ for rowers and parents who volunteer, usually $1500-$2000 each year! It’s a lot of fun, and many roles don’t require experience or rowing expertise; training is held as needed.

Thank you for making Brighton Rowing Club the great experience that it is for all of our kids; your involvement is critical!