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Uniforms & Fan-Gear Info

Are Uniforms Required?

  • Novice High School Rowers require the Racing T-Shirt. This is a short sleeve T in quick-dry fabric, with the BRC logo.

  • Varsity High School Rowers require both a long sleeve Tech Shirt and a one piece Unisuit (“uni”) similar to a wrestling singlet. These are custom made to your measurements, in BRC colors and logos.  In cold weather, the Tech shirt is worn under the Uni.

  • Modified Rowers are not required to purchase uniforms. It is optional to order the Novice Racing T-Shirt

  • No individual shoes are required for rowing – the boats have special shoes mounted in them – but it is a good idea to wear socks.  Running shoes may be required during warm-ups (eg if they are going to do jumpies, run, or erg)

How do I order a uniform? See the Merchandise tab (under Resources tab) on   Recycled uniforms may be available for sale at a reduced cost. We have some loaner uniforms for emergencies. Please contact for information on loaner or recycled uniforms.

Do they wear the uniform to practice, or just to regattas?  Uniforms MUST be worn at regattas.  Most kids do not wear the uniform to practice, preferring spandex bottoms and a t-shirt.  Ensure that clothing is close-fitting, so it doesn’t catch in the seat slide or oar handles.  Synthetic or wool wicking fabrics are best.

What to do with old uniforms? Donate! If you have outgrown your uniform or wish to donate it, BRC will provide you a tax deduction form.  This will help BRC lower the cost of participation to future rowers.

More uniform questions? Contact

I am a BRC fan. Is there fan-gear I can purchase? Yes. We have a variety fan-gear items available through a local outlet. See the Merchandise tab on