Thank you for supporting Brighton Rowing Club–please share your talents with us.


The work that runs BRC is divided among these Teams:

  • Regattas:  Registration, logistics, travel, payment, check-in and chaperoning for each regatta
  • Facilities: Inventory, maintenance, storage, transport, safety, compliance of all rowing gear: boats, oars, launches, motors, truck/trailer, boathouse, ergs… Interface with boathouse managers and coaches.
  • Hospitality:  Planning, shopping, transport, logistics, equipment and serving for hospitality tent at each regatta; maintain hospitality equipment in between regattas; seasonal parties.
  • Registration:  Enroll rowers each season: track/collect registrations, uniform orders, waivers, swim tests, paperwork, payments
  • Communications: Manage correspondence among coaches, rowers, parents, committees and the community; create team rosters; webmaster; coordinate volunteers; coordinate NYSSRA/Varsity awards; newspaper articles; photographer
  • Marketing: Identify, acquire and retain rowers, coaches and sponsors; FanGear
  • Fundraising: Cash and in-kind donations and events to support and promote BRC
  • Finance/Governance: Budget, cash flow, accounts receivable/payable, insurance
  • Board of Directors: Secretary; Program Director; Finance Director/Treasurer; Marketing Director; Facilities Director; Regatta Director, Directors-at-Large.
  • Incoming Directors-at-Large–2-4 people “in training”; Learn workings of BRC/ Board of Directors, prepare to replace grads

Volunteers do not have to be parents.  Rowers interested in leadership can serve their Club, too (especially as Reporter, Uniform Coordinator, Marketing).

The hospitality tent at the regattas is a great opportunity for meetings.  Experienced volunteers:  groom your successors!

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to step up and help out: RocBRC@brightoncrew.org