Board of Directors

Current Board Members

Beth Poland, Co-President

Jennifer Foley, Co-President

Robin Doctor, Secretary/Program Manager

Jonathan Friedberg, Finance Director/Treasurer


Meetings are held 2d Wednesday of each month, 7:30-9PM.

If you have questions, an interest in serving on the board, or just want to come and observe a meeting, contact  We always welcome fresh perspectives and new energy.  

About the Board

What is the Board? Brighton Rowing Club is a registered 501(c) Not For Profit Corporation. The Board of Directors runs the corporation, managing the programs, assets, and finances, and ensuring that the corporation is compliant with applicable laws and regulations.  Board members are not paid.

Who is eligible to be on the board?  Board members must be over 18 and have some current or past involvement with BRC or the sport of rowing.  Previous Board experience is not required, but some positions do require specific skills. Prospective board members need to be voted in by the current board.

What is the commitment? The Board meets monthly. Depending on the position, board members also do varying amounts of work outside of meetings.  All Board positions are appointed for a two-year term (renewable).

How big is the Board? We generally have between 6 and 10 board members.

What are the specific Board positions and their responsibilities? The defined Board roles, and the people currently serving those roles are available upon request.  Most board members also lead committees or teams of other volunteers to get the work done.

How do I get the specific knowledge needed for a particular role?  Many of the roles only require skills you already have, and the BRC specifics can be learned on the job. We stagger the replacement of board members so that, in any year, at least half the board is experienced. There are checklists and examples of how things have been done in the past. When taking over a role, the outgoing person will typically mentor you for a season.  The Director At Large roles are also a great way to learn more about how BRC operates before taking on one of the major roles.

Does being on the Board carry any legal or financial implications to me personally?  The NYS Guide to Responsibilities of Directors and Officers of Not For Profit Corporations provides a good overview.  Rest assured that, in addition to property and liability insurance for the corporation, BRC carries Directors and Officers insurance specifically to protect board members from personal liability.